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Agency collaboration by Huddle

Huddle, a natural fit for agencies

Today’s corporations have to create products with a rapid turnaround between first conception and delivery to market. And to get the job done, they need agency collaboration. They need agencies of many types that are agile, know the roadmap, can share large assets, and stay on top of rapid-fire changes to project tasks.

Effective agency collaboration comes with a host of needs. Agencies needed to collaborate on client projects from a secure, branded online environment. Their clients need full business transparency with approval workflows, permissions, and audit trails. Agency campaigns and projects often involve sharing large files and other digital assets. There needs to be one central place for all corporate assets that can be quickly searched and accessed from anywhere, or on any device.

So forget miscommunication and turf wars, false starts, rework, waste, and non-value-added activities. Align with your clients’ brands and strategies, and make sure agency collaboration and smart working processes drive everything you do. Keep the lines of communication and coordination open, with Huddle for agency collaboration. Be the agency your client can call in times of crisis, safe in the knowledge that you have all the resources required for successful agency collaboration, even if you are a small agency and your client is a multi-national behemoth.

Huddle is a natural fit for agencies that want to improve client service and win more business. A single Huddle account can be used to create multiple, branded client extranets. Or to get geographically dispersed teams and freelancers to work together cohesively on a project or a pitch. Huddle is an intelligent collaboration platform for all your agency and agency collaboration needs.

More than 100,000 organizations worldwide use Huddle as the #1 Microsoft SharePoint alternative in the cloud. KIA Motors, AKQA, and Publicis all use Huddle for external collaboration to plan, collaborate, and get work done faster and more cost-effectively. Even major federal government agencies have become “Huddlers,” replacing Microsoft SharePoint to reduce email attachments, intranet traffic, and get rid of corporate file shares.

Ease of use is our top priority

  • For starters, we offer a 100% user adoption guarantee.
  • People start using Huddle without training in less than one day. There’s no need for IT involvement or waiting for IT to build a solution. There is no software to install, configure, and reconfigure.

Agency and agency projects can be managed centrally

  • Easily involve as many agencies, sub-agencies, and contractors in agency collaboration as you need.
  • Whether you’re the agency of record and are working with a freelance writer, or a contributing social media expert, you can easily and securely share information and large digital assets with all the agencies, partners, and suppliers involved.
  • Make sure everyone is on task with every project, deadline, and deliverable. Huddle keeps track of all the deadlines, sends automatic reminders, and instantly notifies your team about the task progress.  

Mobilize agency collaboration, from anywhere

  • Stay on the same page with your team wherever you are by using Huddle from an iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Android, laptop, or other device.
  • Huddle is accessible at any time, from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Share large media files with ease

  • Whether it’s a big comp, a video, or the results of a photo shoot, agency collaboration often involves sharing large files. Your agency can bring teamwork to a new level by allowing people to upload and share virtually anything with a couple of mouse clicks.

Accessible at any time, from anywhere

  • Huddle enables internal collaboration by providing a central location to view files and conversations and streamline approval and task and project management workflows.

99.9% uptime reliability

  • Huddle’s cloud storage system has very high availability (99.9% or greater uptime to any Internet connected device). That means that if you need to see a new creative comp, compare pricing structures, or review resumes of the agency team, the information is always there for you.

Your intellectual property is safe and secure with us

  • Huddle’s government-level security is supported by 256-bit SSL and real-time mirrored backups. Huddle works behind your firewall so that everyone involved in project collaboration can store, share files, and collaborate—you can trust us with even your most sensitive ideas and content.

How you will benefit

Client satisfaction

Keep your clients informed at all times about the status of their projects and campaigns.

More business

Quickly pull all the information and the team together for a pitch or project.

More innovation

Reduce the amount of admin and chasing – more time to be creative.

Huddle solves real problems

Client extranet

Collaborate on client projects from a secure, branded online environment. Full transparency for clients with approval workflow, permissions and audit trails.

Secure collaboration

Easily share information and digital assets with your partners and suppliers with secure file sharing.

Internal asset management

Store all corporate assets centrally. Quickly search for required information and access it from anywhere or any device.

Why choose Huddle?

  • Comprehensive
    All work tools in one place. File sharing, project collaboration and content management.
  • User Adoption Guarantee
    We guarantee that within 90 days 100% of your initial user groups will be trained and using Huddle actively – or we will refund a full three months subscription value. Learn more
  • Security
    Guaranteed uptime of 99.9% and good enough for 90 per cent of the British Government.
  • Customization
    Our product, your brand. Customize your Huddle and workspaces.
  • Support
    We make sure all of our customers know how to use Huddle to its full potential. Webinars and lunch & learn sessions included.


  • Secure file sharing
  • Online file viewer
  • Audit trail and version history
  • People management
  • Task management tools
  • Mobile apps

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