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How to Keep Conversation Flowing Digitally

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As companies shift to a cloud-based workplace, communicating with employees and colleagues can become increasingly difficult. The human factor is sometimes forgotten about entirely when communication via digital methods, but it’s important to understand the quality and effect of our communications and ensure that digital conversations have a human element. Humans do benefit from human… Read more


What’s Your (Mutual) Goal?

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Collaboration is defined as “a working practice whereby individuals work together to a common purpose to achieve business benefit.” This may include, for example, working with a provider to improve your organization’s enterprise portal. The skills you put into practice often have wide applications but they can be difficult to learn, especially if you start… Read more


Education Is Key: Not Everyone Understands Your Business – Just Ask Cameron Diaz

Posted on 05 Aug, 2014 by in Huddle CEO viewpoint | Leave a comment

Every entrepreneur has been there. You have a great idea, it makes perfect sense to you and your co-founder and then you try and explain it to others and it appears it isn’t quite as straightforward as you thought. This is exactly what I was faced with circa 2006-2007 with Huddle co-founder Andy McLoughlin. We… Read more


Extranet portal—punching above its weight?

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Ever seen a red squirrel? They’re as rare as hen’s teeth nowadays (enough of the animal analogies). In fact, the red squirrel is so rarely seen and skittish, some believe it’s on its way to becoming extinct. The extranet portal is heading the same way. It sits inside many organizations, rarely seeing the light of… Read more


Go-Ahead uses Huddle to keep buses on the road and trains on the tracks

Posted on 11 Jul, 2014 by in Customer stories | Leave a comment

Huddle is used in a variety of ways across Go-Ahead, but we originally deployed the cloud collaboration service to manage the complex contract bidding process. Responding to an invitation to tender involves an intense three to four week period, during which Go-Ahead needs to bring together a mix of specialist skills, including internal Go-Ahead staff,… Read more


SharePoint requirements can bust your budget

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Deploying SharePoint is like buying a cheap printer at your local computer store. The low sticker price might tempt you, but once you buy the print cartridges and other peripherals, the costs quickly mount up. And it turns out that discount printer isn’t as easy to use as the sales guy promised either. SharePoint requirements… Read more


Seven golden rules of online collaboration

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Time is running out. Your new product launch takes place tomorrow. However, the campaign master plan is on your marketing manager’s laptop….and she’s on a plane. The marketing budget figures you urgently need were emailed to you after last night’s WebEx, but it’s buried in a blizzard of other inbox content that’s arrived overnight. And… Read more


Ladies and gentlemen….raise your Google Glasses please

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Google Glass has landed in the UK. Take a trip down to the new Glass shop in Kings Cross, London and you can see for yourself whether the £1,000 eyewear represents the evolution of wearable computing, or whether it’s a consumer innovation that burns brightly for a brief moment, but then crashes and burns when… Read more


SharePoint user adoption: crawling along in the slow lane

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  Your company fought for the investment, worked tirelessly with consultants on the complex integration and customized the deployment so it met your needs. So why is your SharePoint user adoption crawling along so slowly? When it comes to collaboration, why do the majority of your staff still default to email, file sharing tools or… Read more

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No passport or visa necessary here for international collaboration

Posted on 27 Jun, 2014 by in Collaboration & productivity | Leave a comment

It’s a great irony that the tools most of us rely on today for international collaboration are actually a barrier to working together. Each in turn puts a different obstacle in the way of working faster, of working smarter and working more efficiently. If you’re collaborating with sales teams, engineers, developers or suppliers on the… Read more


Innovative technology takes Centre Court at Wimbledon 2014

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Nothing screams the start of summer louder than the Wimbledon tennis tournament – accompanied, of course, by strawberries and cream, the inevitable summer showers and the throng of avid tennis fans on Murray Mount. As the championships launched this week, it was great to see innovative technology move once more to the fore – not… Read more