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public sector data

Public Sector Data: The importance of location

Posted on 16 Apr, 2012 by in Government | 4 comments

There are two stories that hit the headlines today which highlight the importance of data security in the NHS. In particular, the stories emphasise the importance of the geographical location of data and what tools and services are being used to transport and store data. According to a report on The Sun’s website, GE Healthcare, a technology… Read more

securing personal data

10,000,000 Credit Cards Jeopardized: The Importance of Securing Personal Data

Posted on 02 Apr, 2012 by in Huddle news | Leave a comment

Last week the world was reminded of the importance of securing data—especially extremely sensitive personal data—when it was first reported by Brian Krebs that a massive security breach at Global Payments put transactional and personal data for 10 million credit card accounts at risk. As security analyst Avivah Litan at Gartner writes: “I’ve spoken with… Read more

secure file collaboration

5 Ways to Ensure Secure File Collaboration in a Post-WikiLeaks World

Posted on 07 Feb, 2012 by in Collaboration & productivity, Huddle CEO viewpoint, SharePoint | Leave a comment

Learn about secure file collaboration. For organizations that enable file collaboration with sensitive content — security is essential.