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Cloud collaboration

Cloud collaboration

Enterprise 2.0 and the cloud

Enterprise 2.0 defines a set of web-based technologies that allow business users to leverage the power of the cloud to collaborate, and work on projects in a secure, scalable and flexible online environment. These tools are a major advance from the limitations of legacy on-premise software that has traditionally dominated the enterprise. Cloud collaboration and content management software such as Huddle, make content accessible at anytime, irrespective of location, providing a significant competitive advantage for any organization that adopts it.

Content in the cloud

A more strategic role for IT

The challenge for CIOs has always been to drive and support innovation, whilst simultaneously reducing the complexity and costs of the entire IT infrastructure. Until recently, the large volume of on-premise deployments meant that a significant amount of IT resource within an enterprise was spent on management and maintenance of these complex infrastructures.

But enterprise 2.0 tools are cloud based and require no upfront cost, initial deployment or maintenance. These new tools allow IT to focus on more strategic activities and, as a Gartner survey revealed, the adoption of cloud technologies could free up to 50% of infrastructure and operational resources.

Not just file sharing

Cloud technologies have undoubtedly become the most effective way of sharing files, but this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the functionality and benefits of cloud collaboration. A comprehensive enterprise tool will allow users to share files, but also to collaborate, provide feedback, exchange comments and ideas, and work together to get things done in the most efficient way. Features such as files management, whiteboards and discussion boards are key elements of true cloud collaboration tools and collectively make a powerful resource for any organization.

Business agility

As cloud collaboration tools are web-based, they don’t require any on-premise deployment and can be activated and in use within hours. The cloud removes the need for updates, security patches, migration projects and other painful IT practices that have afflicted enterprise software for decades and means you can be 100% confident that your organization is always running the most up to date versions of software. The cloud also allows you to add or take away users as your business needs change, flexibility unheard of in on-premise IT.

No restriction to your collaboration

You get to decide who can share files and content, not your organization’s firewall. The modern enterprise collaborates with a wide variety of external partners and suppliers to increase its competitive advantage, so cloud technologies such as Huddle make the sharing of documents and information seamless, both outside and inside the organization. Your documents can be accessed on mobile devices and users can access information securely outside the firewall.