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Why does collaboration software seem to undermine collaboration as opposed to underpin it? By common consent, SharePoint is tricky to use and prohibits collaboration across the firewall with third-parties. Consumer storage tools like Dropbox or Yousendit are notoriously non-secure. And email? It only includes the people you think to include, it’s not discoverable by others, and it’s disorganized. It’s time to think outside the in-box.

Huddle redefines collaboration software. The cloud-based platform combines the power of social networking, content creation, and real-time communications and project management. It enables you to quickly connect with the people, content and resources needed to get work done.

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With Huddle, we can work with our government partners’ content, safe in the knowledge that it meets their security requirements. The way in which everyone stores, shares and collaborates on working documents and bid plans has also significantly improved.

Jonathan Barwick, Bid Manager, Keolis

  • Feeding the organizational memory

    Feeding the organizational memory

    Huddle is so much more than secure cloud storage. It’s the most powerful collaborative environment available for workgroups. Unlike other collaboration software, all your content lives in one secure place. You can share files flawlessly with colleagues and partners in the same room or in another continent. Comment, assign tasks and manage approvals to accelerate productivity. And connect with the people who contribute to your project. No wonder more than 100,000 organizations worldwide trust Huddle for cloud-based collaboration and content management.

  • Secure, rock-solid, watertight collaboration

    Secure, rock-solid, watertight collaboration

    Our secure collaboration software means you concentrate on the collaboration; not concerns about who’s looking at the content. Security is never far from our minds. Our SSAE16-certified data centers are run to ISO27001 certification, for example, we conduct regular, independent penetrating testing, all data is encrypted and Huddle is configured to meet the stringent requirements of our US and UK government clients. Indeed, Huddle is also now the most successful SaaS supplier on the UK government’s G-Cloud Framework.

  • Bring outsiders into the business

    Bring outsiders into the business

    Huddle research reveals that two-thirds of staff rely on email to share documents across the firewall—wasting time, risking errors and compromising security. Huddle lets you manage projects, share files and collaborate inside and outside the organization. So you work seamlessly with third-parties like sub-contractors, agencies and outsourcing partners. Content is combined in one central view and you can preview files without having to download them. There’s are no firewall barriers, no nasty VPNs and no time-consuming technical configurations. Just fluid collaboration.

  • Your mobile device becomes as powerful as your PC

    Your mobile device becomes as powerful as your PC

    You have 10 minutes to wait for your train. You can look at friends’ activity on Facebook on your mobile, or click on the Huddle app to review and approve a vital sales proposal to a new business prospect. Smart staff choose the latter. With Huddle, all of your workspaces, folders and files are accessible from any iOS or Android. You can check and act upon tasks assigned to you. Review recent activity. Quite simply, Huddle is a personal assistant in your pocket.

  • No complexity; just pure collaboration

    No complexity; just pure collaboration

    Name any collaboration software that gives you a 100 percent adoption guarantee? Huddle does. Our cloud-based enterprise collaboration platform is designed from the ground up to enable people to work together, anywhere anytime. It’s as easy to use as your favorite website. Want to share a file, for example? Then simply upload it and notify those that you want to share it with. They then receive a notification, allowing them to review, comment on and approve the document.

How it works

Intelligent synchronization

Intelligent synchronization

  • Intelligent recommendation engine delivers the most up-to-date content directly to your mobile device
  • Edit documents, add comments and continue the conversation with your co-workers while on the move
  • Huddle’s collaboration software lets you search for content quickly and easily across workspaces or within folders
Administrative control and security

Administrative control and security

  • Work with colleagues on the same documents, keeping secure track of different versions
  • Manage approval workflow and track who has accessed a specific document
  • Include a complete, detailed audit trail of the end-to-end document management process
Lighten your inbox load

Lighten your inbox load

  • When a colleague, supplier or customer emails you an attachment, upload it to your Huddle workspaces in a couple of clicks
  • The integration is right in the Outlook ribbon bar, so it’s really easy to find when you need it
  • Huddle for Outlook automatically adds each email as a separate comment on your uploaded attachment

Panasonic Europe boosts collaboration with European partners and colleagues

Panasonic Europe relies on Huddle to update and keep track of monthly reports and the latest messaging. It also provides a platform to create projects for European events where large files of creative materials need to be exchanged. Huddle’s clear audit trail makes it easy to see who has updated content and when the updates have been made.

Next generation content collaboration: a brave new era

It’s the rogues’ gallery of barriers to collaboration: too much content, legacy collaboration software failing to cope, inhibitors to working together, failed deployments. Discover in this Huddle Executive Briefing how to strip away all of these barriers and take advantage of next-generation content collaboration services.


Next generation content collaboration white paper

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