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Collaboration tools

How many collaboration tools do you use? And how many of these deliver true enterprise collaboration through the firewall? None probably. The truth is that the vast majority of collaboration tools trip up somewhere. Email? Almost impossible to track and trace content. SharePoint? Too difficult to use. Cloud storage platforms? Don’t you want to keep content secure?

You never trip up with Huddle. This best-in-class collaboration tool is trusted by more than 100,000 public and commercial organizations worldwide to store, share and work on content. It does it securely. It does it through the firewall. And it does it more easily than SharePoint.


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The Huddle collaboration tool has given us a one stop shop to manage our communication. From finance and project management through to HR, Huddle has made us much more focused and efficient.

- Kiffey Dalvi, Senior Project Manager, Centrica

  • Content in one place—not all over the place

    Content in one place—not all over the place

    With Huddle, all your content resides in a single, shared environment—making it accessible anytime, anywhere. You can quickly search for and edit the right files and keep teams on task. With these collaboration tools, you can track document versions and keep everyone in sync via reminders and notifications. You can sort files and folders by title, size, date modified and approval status. And the clever bit is that content is intelligently served up to you: Huddle determines what matters most for you to see.

  • People only see what they should

    People only see what they should

    Most collaboration tools are as secure as a politician’s promise. Not Huddle. Government-grade security measures ensure that colleagues and partners only view the content they are entitled to. When accessing your account, 256-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is used across the entire site. Huddle encrypts all data exchanged with the server to industry standard levels as well as authenticating the server itself to the user. And the Huddle Service Level Agreement guarantees uptime of 99.9% over any three month period.

  • Collaborate anytime, anywhere

    Collaborate anytime, anywhere

    Mobile collaboration runs like a watermark through Huddle, whichever platform you choose—iOS, Android or BlackBerry. Click the Huddle App on your device, and you are instantly browsing current activities, reviewing and approving files, actioning outstanding tasks and synchronizing files. With these collaboration tools, you can now review and approve that urgent sales proposal at the airport, or enable field-based engineers to take pictures out in the field, upload them to Huddle, and share them with their team. Quickly, securely and easily.

  • No limits to working with third-parties

    No limits to working with third-parties

    Huddle is different to the Intranet, SharePoint or other collaboration tools in one very important way: you can work through the firewall with third-parties, such as agencies, partners and contractors. There’s no fiddly VPN and firewall configurations—and no need to create additional profiles. You simply invite third-parties into the secure workspace and they instantly share the same view of content as you do, subject to the permissions you give them. Third-parties are no longer a backwater; they’re back alongside you.

  • As easy to use as Google

    As easy to use as Google

    With Huddle, nothing interferes with collaboration. The cloud model means there’s no expensive and complex technology. Licensing is simple and transparent with no hidden costs. The single, secure view of content means that you don’t trawl through weeks of email. User profiles allow you to connect with the specific people you need to contribute to your project. There’s no hiding the fact that Huddle collaboration tools are lauded by more than 100,000 organizations worldwide for their simplicity and ease of use.

How it works

Integrate SharePoint to the Huddle cloud

Integrate SharePoint to the Huddle cloud

  • Reliably migrate large amounts of content from SharePoint or legacy network drives into Huddle’s cloud
  • Deploy Huddle collaboration tools on top of SharePoint and let users collaborate on content via Huddle’s lightweight, social and mobile interfaces
  • All files (including the version history) are pushed back to SharePoint for archiving and compliance purposes


Intelligent file syncing

Intelligent file syncing

  • Intelligent recommendation technology delivers the most up-to-date content directly to your mobile device
  • Dashboard is launch pad for productive collaboration, surfacing only the important information to you
  • Huddle collaboration tools manage the full version history of every file


File sharing and management

File sharing and management

  • Huddle collaboration tools encrypt all data exchanged with the server and authenticates the server itself to the user for secure online file storage
  • Create your own folder and sub-folder structure to share your files with team members
  • Sort your files and folders by title, size, date modified or approval status


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NHS 24 chooses Huddle as a partner communication tool for an innovative new healthcare project

Scotland’s national Telehealth and Telecare organization standardized on Huddle collaboration tools so that NHS and non-NHS organizations can collaborate on information. Teams can easily find the most recent version of a document. The solution provides tight security controls and an intuitive interface. And the NHS 24 team can invite team members from external organizations to join Huddle workspaces


Next-generation content collaboration: a brave new era

Discover why Huddle is the rainmaker in this White Paper, and why other collaboration tools just make problems. Explore how Huddle’s next-generation content collaboration tools enable government and enterprise to collaborate on content in the cloud—quickly, easily, and securely.


Next-generation content collaboration white paper

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