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Huddle for document management

Huddle for document management

Huddle for document management

Fragmented, disorganized files stored in multiple places-like emails, hard drives, and flash drives-spell big trouble when it comes to document management. It makes it next to impossible to keep confidential files safe from prying eyes. And your workflow can take a big hit when it’s difficult for collaborators to determine which file version they should be accessing or editing.

Huddle puts you in complete control of document management. All of your content can easily be stored and shared in the cloud, where you can track versions and audit access of every file. With Huddle, your content is always under lock and key with the highest-caliber security protocols in place.


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I no longer have to worry about version control when there are a lot of people contributing to documents. Thanks to Huddle’s audit trail and comment functionalities, we always know exactly who gave what feedback and what updates have been made to content. As a manager, it’s also extremely useful to receive notifications on what has and hasn’t been done.

- Lyn McIntyre, Head of Clinical Quality and Patient Safety at NHS

  • Find any file in seconds

    Find any file in seconds

    Huddle document management securely stores your files in the cloud, making it easy for you to track and audit documents, as well as search and find anything in seconds. You’re in control of files that need to stay inside your office walls and others that need to be securely shared across the firewall. Only those individuals you’ve granted permission can gain access. Huddle makes it easy for you to organize and manage documents in your department or your entire organization.

  • Current and previous versions in one place

    Current and previous versions in one place

    Users with permitted document management access are able to view, comment on, and update files with complete version control. The latest version is always the first one they see, so everyone works from the right version every time. Previous versions are only a mouse click away in the same location. When changes are made, those who are collaborating on the file are notified in realtime to keep everyone in the loop. Post comments against any file, so updates can be made quickly and easily.

  • Bulletproof security for all your files

    Bulletproof security for all your files

    Get peace of mind with Huddle document management, knowing your sensitive, confidential files are always safe. Huddle was built from the ground up with top-level security protocols. Every account comes with enterprise or government-grade protection. Huddle meets, and in most cases exceeds, security requirements, so you’re always in compliance. Manage document permissions and easily control who can see your company’s content. Grant and restrict access to individuals and teams. Audit and track activity, such as who has viewed, downloaded, or updated a document.

  • Save time by enabling collaboration among users

    Save time by enabling collaboration among users

    Huddle is a collaborative environment for document management. Team members don’t just have one point of contact when it comes to finding and working on files. They collaborate with each other. Users upload files and make edits with their teams. They have conversations around the content they’re working on. Individuals share content with one another as they go. They can invite the appropriate collaborators themselves and share out final versions for approval. Empowering others means increased efficiency and better use of time for everyone.

  • Access files from anywhere, on any device

    Access files from anywhere, on any device

    Document management has never been easier or more convenient. Huddle gives you and your team complete access to files across all your devices. Upload a file from your computer. Share the same file from your tablet. Make comments and approve that file from your smartphone. Huddle offers the most powerful collaboration apps for your iPad, iPhone, Android, or BlackBerry. Safely share documents and content with anyone who’s been granted the proper access. If you make changes to documents offline, Huddle automatically updates files when you reconnect online.

How it works

Control access to content

Control access to content

  • Set permissions for teams and individuals
  • Control access to workspaces and folders
  • Amend document management permissions when employees leave the company


Track current and previous versions

Track current and previous versions

  • Work from the most up-to-date version first
  • Access previous versions with a single click
  • View a document management timestamp and activity log for every file


Every file, available on every device

Every file, available on every device

  • Create and edit from your computer
  • Comment and share from your tablet or smartphone
  • Document management mobile apps automatically show you what’s important


Information Standards Board selects Huddle to support collaboration on data and information standards

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The Information Standards Board (ISB) for Education, Skills and Children’s Services (ESCS) is the authority for all data and information standards in England. It develops data and information standards to aid front line delivery, improve efficiency, reduce costs, and minimize bureaucracy.

See how the ISB uses Huddle for document management.


Next-generation content collaboration

Enterprise and government organizations are waking up to the ticking time bomb beneath “Big Content”, file security and loss risks, and fragmented data storage. Here’s how to strip away all the barriers and take advantage of next-generation content collaboration services to quickly, easily, and securely manage all your documents and other files.


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