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Information technology can greatly expand communication, enterprise collaboration, knowledge sharing and, by extension, our capacity for discovery and innovation. But for now, enterprise collaboration is largely powered by e-mail and websites. Web conferencing, instant messaging, and shared workspaces, too, are available either as technology solutions or online services. These tools remain fairly fragmented and still don’t unleash the full potential of enterprise collaboration.

What people require is an enterprise collaboration platform that combines the power of social networking, content creation, and real-time communications and project management. Employees need to quickly connect with the people, content and resources they need to get their work done. They need a way to break down organizational silos with easier enterprise collaboration across departments, geographies, and even other enterprises. Valuable knowledge should be sharable across the organization and captured in one highly secure, centralized location.

Thankfully, all of these facets are coming together, with Huddle, a superb enterprise collaboration platform. Huddle has created the next great wave of enterprise collaboration and reinvented the process of how people work together. With Huddle, groups dedicated to tasks—consisting of either a few people to hundreds or thousands—contribute freely to the creation and refinement of content and projects.

To succeed, enterprise collaboration solutions must meet a few key criteria:

World-class enterprise collaboration software

  • For years, organizations have used Microsoft SharePoint to create Intranet environments for enterprise collaboration. SharePoint provided a single location as a starting point to obtain all the information needed for employees to complete their work..
  • But SharePoint, unfortunately, is expensive, difficult to use for most, and requires substantial IT involvement.
  • Other enterprise collaboration software has included point solutions—email, wikis, blogs, isolated chats, and so on—that were disconnected and therefore did not get everyone on the same page in terms of project goals and content completion.

Online enterprise collaboration

  • Many online enterprise collaboration solutions have consisted of chat, online conferencing systems, or attempts to capture unmanaged data in minimal time. There are also free services that set up social networks, just for your business.
  • Some online enterprise collaboration tools are more suited for project management, calendaring or private messaging.
  • But the main requirement is a centralized repository that combines tasks, content, processes, communication, deadlines, and deliverables, all in one place in the cloud for minimal iT involvement.

Enterprise collaboration adaptation

  • If projects or campaigns change quickly—and they often do—Huddle makes it easy to adapt in a few clicks. Reassign tasks. Change deadlines. Create new workspaces or campaigns. Get everyone in lockstep with the revised mission.

Inter-enterprise collaboration

  • It used to be that organizations were relatively closed structures. They had their own processes and goals. But today, organizations are more like connected organisms or systems that find synergistic complementary skills and technologies with other organizations.
  • Huddle’s secure file sharing gives everyone a way to relate to other enterprises whose technology, people, and processes can all benefit—all within a centralized, secure, and collaborative enterprise environment.

Remote enterprise collaboration

  • To some degree, we all struggle with the time zone differences. But Huddle lets everyone, regardless of their time zones and geographical variants, work together. Everyone knows when tasks are due, what deliverables are required, and how to stay on track and on schedule.Everything is contained within one centralized, cloud-based workspace.

Mobile enterprise collaboration

  • With Huddle, people can take advantage of mobile enterprise collaboration, even if they are in different enterprises and using multiple devices. They haveone single yet secure area for all content, communication, notifications, and deadlines to enable faster, more informed decision-making.

How you will benefit


For IT, Huddle offers guaranteed user adoption, enterprise-class security and 99.9% uptime, which means the email system will go down before Huddle does. For users – it’s an intuitive collaboration and content management application that they will love using in the workplace.

Lower TCO

At 10 per cent of SharePoint’s total cost of ownership, Huddle offers an affordable way to move your collaboration and content management into the cloud. With Huddle, there’s no install and deployment can be completed in a matter of minutes.

Ubiquitous access

Huddle enables you to build a collaborative environment that is accessible securely outside the firewall. Unlike other content management systems, Huddle can be accessed on mobile devices, including the iPhone, iPad and BlackBerry.

Huddle solves real problems

Client extranet

Huddle provides a secure online environment where information can be shared externally with your customers, partners and suppliers and customized accordingly. Clients get full visibility of each and every stage of their projects and managing approvals is simple.

External collaboration

Using Huddle, relevant people, inside and outside of your organization, can access all content relating to a project or campaign in a secure online environment. Apply granular permissions and control who can and cannot view specific information.

Corporate intranet

Colleagues, teams and departments within your organization can securely access the information they need, from wherever they are, no VPN required. All comments and feedback on content are in one place and documents can be locked and checked out of Huddle to avoid overriding changes.

Project collaboration

Collaborate on projects simply and efficiently by having all related documents and timelines at your fingertips. With Huddle, you can track project deadlines and milestones, view late, upcoming and completed tasks and reassign them to team members if necessary. Project collaboration made easy.

Knowledge management

Avoid content and knowledge being locked on people’s laptops and desktops or hidden in their inboxes by storing information centrally in Huddle. Upload content and create a knowledgebase that can be accessed by people inside and outside of the organization, from any location with no VPN required.

Why choose Huddle?

  • Comprehensive
    All work tools in one place. File sharing, project collaboration and content management.
  • User Adoption Guarantee
    We guarantee that within 90 days 100% of your initial user groups will be trained and using Huddle actively – or we will refund a full three months subscription value. Learn more
  • Security
    Guaranteed uptime of 99.9% and good enough for 90 per cent of the British Government.
  • Customization
    Our product, your brand. Customize your Huddle and workspaces.
  • Support
    We make sure all of our customers know how to use Huddle to its full potential. Webinars and lunch & learn sessions included.


  • Secure file sharing
  • Online file viewer
  • Audit trail and version history
  • People management
  • Task management tools
  • Mobile apps

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