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File sharing software

Huddle brings external collaborators out from the cold and into the conversation. Now you can access, review, edit and share content with third parties, like agencies, contractors and business partners, beyond the firewall. Our file sharing software is transforming how people work, allowing them to work effectively across departments, teams and organizations, rather than just within them.

While most file sharing software—think SharePoint—stifles collaboration, Huddle is a breath of fresh air. Huddle brings teams into one secure, central environment that can be accessed from any location, on any device. Huddle’s file sharing software is the ultimate in visibility, control, and security.


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Huddle has been really useful for us in collaborating both internally and with our external suppliers. We love the fact that it is internet-based, so we are not restricted by location, is great value and actually works!

- Laura La Grutta, Program Office Manager, The Post Office

  • Collaboration bursts through the firewall

    Collaboration bursts through the firewall

    With Huddle file sharing software, there is no need to email file attachments around and become confused about the latest document versions. Huddle provides a centralized area for files, communications, calendars, tasks and deadlines for faster, more informed decision-making. That includes secure, seamless collaboration with external partners. You can add unlimited users to your workspace, you have full visibility into who is editing documents and you have access to whiteboards to brainstorm ideas.

  • Collaboration that's child's-play

    Collaboration that’s child’s-play

    Everyone on your extended team adopts Huddle within 90 days as their preferred file sharing software, or you get a guaranteed refund. Our file sharing software is immensely intuitive to use—without training. And also without IT headaches. With Huddle, people only need to create a campaign or project, add or remove users, and change permissions, without any IT delays. And being in the cloud, there’s no complex, expensive IT infrastructure to worry about.

  • Everyone's mobile today—and so is Huddle

    Everyone’s mobile today—and so is Huddle

    You spend a lot of time in meetings and traveling—but you’ll never be a bottleneck with Huddle. We have fully tailored mobile applications for iOS and Android. Offline for a while? Huddle file sharing software syncs documents on your mobile device when you are online. So when you are offline, you can continue to review, edit, approve and create. An intelligent recommendations engine also puts the documents relevant to what you’re doing front and center.

  • File sharing software for almost limitless file sizes

    File sharing software for almost limitless file sizes

    Giant slide decks? Videos? Digital paperwork that reaches to the moon? Huddle can handle it. With our file sharing software, you don’t need to create .zip documents, deal with complex FTP or an intranet portal. Indeed, we offer almost limitless file size. So stop worrying about compressing documents, searching through emails to find the needed files, or complex workarounds. Huddle saves you hours each week finding and sharing files, so there’s more time to maximizing the benefits collaboration.

  • Your intellectual property is safe with us

    Your intellectual property is safe with us

    With Huddle, your content is secure, and only accessible to people with the appropriate permissions. You set user privileges and control who may join, post, or collaborate in your workspace. You track reviews, approvals and progress. Huddle offers government-level security that encrypts all data exchanged with the server to industry standard levels, as well as authenticating the server itself to the user. We guarantee SSL security. You never have to worry about the risks of using potentially unsecure free extranet software or online content management services.

How it works

Simple, secure, all-round collaboration

Simple, secure, all-round collaboration

  • File sharing software delivers content to a person, team, or organization from any device
  • Elegant version control, clear permissions and audit trails keep content secure and organized
  • Store files in the cloud to ensure easy access from anywhere, anytime, on any device


Synchronize files across any device

Synchronize files across any device

  • Files automatically downloaded by Huddle’s mobile apps so they are available offline
  • Open and edit files on your desktop, with changes saved back to Huddle in realtime
  • Work on files offline from your desktop with automatic synchronization when you reconnect


Task scheduling

Task scheduling

  • In one click you can create and assign tasks to your team, then filter them by late tasks or task holders
  • Automatic reminders let your team know when deadlines are approaching or are overdue
  • Attach a file to your tasks to keep your content closely associated with the task list


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Rochdale Development Agency selects Huddle to support town redevelopment project

Learn how the RDA is spearheading the regeneration of the UK’s Rochdale borough with Huddle. Project managers have greater project visibility. Huddle hosts meeting agendas and minutes; significantly decreasing email traffic. Processes are leaner with information in one central resource. And the RDA is able to readily demonstrate a complete audit trail for amended documents.


Next generation content collaboration

There’s a ticking time bomb under “Big Content”: file security and loss risks, and fragmented data storage. The tidal wave of content is only set to get bigger too. This white paper steers you to calmer waters, with file sharing software that quickly, easily and securely manages all of the files you deal with every day.


Next generation content collaboratio white paper

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