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Huddle IL3 Security

Online environment for pan-government collaboration on RESTRICTED data

Access and share IL3 (RESTRICTED) data securely

Huddle and FCO Services have joined forces to launch Huddle IL3, which will be the first commercial public cloud service to be modified and accredited for pan-government secure collaboration on RESTRICTED data. The first SaaS application to be hosted on FCO Services’ Government Secure Application Environment (GSAE) cloud infrastructure, Huddle IL3 security provides a central place for people to securely collaborate on projects, share documents, review content and hold discussions.

Increase efficiency, reduce costs

Through better management of information, operational costs can be reduced and organisations can benefit from significant productivity and efficiency gains. Huddle IL3 security provides a secure central environment where people can share files, provide feedback on content and easily identify document versions.

Trusted by government

The secure public version of Huddle is already used by more than 80 per cent of central government departments, including Defra and the Cabinet Office, for secure collaboration on data up to IL2. Working with FCO Services, we are combining Huddle’s expertise in online collaboration with FCO Services’ experience of providing essential secure support services to government at higher security levels.

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In government, for government, by government

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