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Intelligent enterprise

Intelligent enterprise

What we mean by intelligent enterprise

The way in which people work has undergone a radical change over the past decade and we’re now entering the era of the intelligent enterprise. We collaborate, we are social and content is now at the very heart of the enterprise. The next step is to add intelligence. The volume of data and content created in modern business is vast and to make sense of that and gain competitive advantage, requires intelligence.

Intelligence is underpinning everything that Huddle is involved in, from our recommendation technology that unearths and delivers the content that you most need, to our customers that use data to make rapid decisions about their business.

So an intelligent enterprise is one that is connected and collaborative, where information flows throughout and where content can be accessed with ease to allow fast, informed decision making.

Layers of intelligent enterprise

Making your business intelligent

We have built a global enterprise collaboration platform that 80 per cent of the Fortune 500 are using. With content at the core, we’ve included: a social layer that allows you to interact around this content, a collaboration layer that lets you work on content together, a ubiquity layer that allows you to access content irrespective of device, location, OS or time, and a security layer that protects your content with protocols to rival bank security.

Huddle has already transformed the way businesses operate but adding intelligence to our platform is what will take us into a new era. People want to make real-time decisions about their organization based on information, data and facts. Having recognized this, our developers have spent two years creating a new intelligent recommendation technology. This allows Huddle to know every last piece of content across your enterprise and to deliver it to you at the click of a button. It will even recommend content that it feels will be relevant to the job in hand, making sure you have everything you need (and everything you need but you don’t yet know it) at your fingertips.

What intelligent enterprise means for you

What it will mean for you

For most organizations in most industries, gaining competitive advantage is instrumental to success. Competitive advantage can be gained in a variety of ways but increasingly it is through making sense of ‘big data’, using content and information to make speedy and high quality decisions.

To do this, a business must be agile, responsive and dynamic. By delivering content with such timeliness, intelligence and relevance, Huddle is enabling its customers to generate previously unthought-of levels of insight. Making the important decisions based on the right information is a powerful prospect and one that any intelligent enterprise will want at its disposal.

Huddle enterprise customers

Enterprises that are already intelligent

We are lucky that we already work with some of the world’s most intelligent enterprises, from NASA and Kia Motors, to Diageo, Unilever and P&G. We work with more than 100,000 organizations across the world, including governments in the UK, US and mainland Europe.

These are all organizations that know the value of intelligence. These are enterprises that trust Huddle to deliver intelligence and content to them in real-time. This is the era of the intelligent enterprise.