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Huddle as an intranet portal

Huddle as an intranet portal

Your intranet portal is the lifeblood of your business, but is the cost of portal development and maintenance taking years off your life? Why make it hard for yourself, when you can have it easy with Huddle? Huddle’s cloud-based collaboration platform provides a single, secure hub that streamlines online file storage, coordinates processes and integrates information flows within your intranet portal. That includes your on-site or remote offices, telecommuters and—crucially—third-parties like sub-contractors, agencies and outsourcing partners.

Huddle is the number one SharePoint alternative for collaboration on an intranet portal. It’s totally secure, easy to use and cost-effective to deploy and operate.


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Huddle’s growth has been viral through the company, customers and staff involved in the same projects have seen how easy it is to use and then wanted it for other areas they are working on.

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  • Still want those SharePoint licenses?

    Still want those SharePoint licenses?

    Both Huddle and Gartner agree: the light is fading fast on SharePoint. Huddle is the new emperor on the throne, replacing SharePoint outright as the most powerful cloud-based, collaborative intranet portal for enterprise and government. In fact, Huddle is now the number one alternative to SharePoint for content collaboration. Forced to stick with SharePoint? Then think about deploying Huddle either alongside or on top of SharePoint, and benefit from secure mobile, social and cross-firewall collaboration right out of the box.

  • An intranet portal that costs less—delivers more

    An intranet portal that costs less—delivers more

    An intranet portal built on Huddle saves countless, costly staff hours that would otherwise be wasted hunting for information or policies on various systems, or jumping between systems and learning incompatible user interfaces. The next-generation content collaboration platform puts all your data in one place, allowing everyone, whether they are next door, on a different continent, or working in another organization, the opportunity to securely store, share and work on content.

  • As easy to use as Angry Birds

    As easy to use as Angry Birds

    You won’t find many intranet portals with a 100 percent adoption guarantee. Huddle does. No matter where your extended team works, they can connect with ease to share knowledge, experience, skills and content, without the need for expensive or time-consuming training. Content can be easily searched based on author, title, topic, and other variables, so it is easy to find. Huddle for iOS even lets you access your files and tasks on the go, and have recommended files automatically synced to your device.

  • A portal for all

    A portal for all

    At first glance it appears to be a paradox: a secure intranet portal for internal employees, but one that welcomes in external third-parties to collaborate. But that’s what Huddle offers. An intranet portal that enables your staff, together with third-parties outside the firewall, to store, share and work on content. You simply invite third-parties into the secure workspace and they instantly share the same view of content as you do, subject to the permissions provided.

  • Trusted security

    Trusted security

    We build more than security into the Huddle intranet portal—we build trust. For secure file sharing, our primary data center is ISO 27001 accredited, for example, and all servers are hosted in secure facilities, operated by Rackspace and Carpathia, with 24/7 monitoring. Network security is just as impressive: the servers are hosted behind firewalls, with a protected perimeter, and penetration testing is conducted on an ongoing basis. Of course, access to Huddle workspaces and files is also restricted, with full administrative control.

How it works

One location—endless collaboration opportunities

One location—endless collaboration opportunities

  • Create your own folder and sub-folder structure to share and add files with internal/external team members in just a few clicks
  • Quickly and easily upload single or multiple files of any size into your workspace with Huddle’s simple interface
  • Huddle intelligently surfaces only the important information that matters—direct to your mobile


Absolute security

Absolute security

  • Manage approval workflow and track who has accessed a specific document
  • Include a complete, detailed audit trail of the end-to-end document management process
  • Work with colleagues on the same documents, keeping secure track of different versions


No hidden costs

No hidden costs

  • Being cloud-based, Huddle requires no upfront cost, initial deployment or maintenance
  • Unlike intranet software, Huddle can be launched and learned in minutes
  • While IT focuses on pressing IT management activities, you focus on collaboration


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Megger successful content collaboration

Leading portable electric test equipment manufacturer Megger replaced its slow, inflexible intranet portal with Huddle. The decision transformed the way information and knowledge are shared between Megger’s manufacturing sites and sales organization. Huddle has created a community where people can find the content they needed and swap ideas with peers.


Supercharging SharePoint for external collaboration

The cloud supercharges agility and collaboration. However, many organizations are lumbered with on-premise collaboration platforms; and turning these off is unrealistic, cost prohibitive and could lead to loss of functionality in certain areas of the business. You don’t have to hit the “off” switch on SharePoint to supercharge the system, this Huddle white paper argues.


Supercharging SharePoint white paper

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