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Replace your Intranet with Huddle

Replace your intranet with Huddle

Replace or regenerate your Intranet with Huddle

Why does your Intranet inhibit collaboration? The clue is in the word. In most commercial and government organizations, your Intranet Portal is protected from unauthorized external access by means of a network gateway and firewall. That makes it slow and sometimes impossible to collaborate with third parties, such as contractors, agencies or partners.

Huddle breaks through this barrier, providing a secure online environment where content can easily and securely be accessed by team members—whichever side of the firewall they sit. No more VPN and firewall configurations and no need to create additional profiles.


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Huddle enables us to keep track of projects in real-time, view client feedback and clearly identify final proofs. We also appreciate the ease and speed of Huddle’s intuitive interface, ensuring that new members of staff and clients understand it immediately.

Robert Burns, Executive Director of Information Technology, AKQA

  • Collaboration with anyone, anywhere

    Collaboration with anyone, anywhere

    Unlike your Intranet, Huddle enables you to work seamlessly through the firewall with your extended partners, such as consultants, contractors and agencies. No more hours in conference rooms hunched over the speakerphone; no more confusion over content version shared with external partners. You simply invite third-parties into the secure workspace and they instantly share the same view of content as you do, subject to the permissions provided. Third-parties are no longer a backwater; they’re back alongside you

  • Government-grade security

    Government-grade security

    If your staff are reliant on the Intranet for collaboration, they will most likely turn to non-secure systems like email and personal cloud services to transfer data with partners outside the firewall. One slip and the data is lost forever. Huddle keeps your content secure with high-caliber security features. And unlike other collaboration tools, we provide a closed-security model to prevent accidental disclosure of content. We are pan-government accredited, ISO 27001 certified, and FISMA compliant.

  • Access the right version of everything, every time

    Access the right version of everything, every time

    When you go to your next meeting, everyone will be on the same page. Huddle cuts out all the time that’s wasted with the Intranet when team members share, update or finalize the wrong version of a document. You can get those precious hours back and ensure your team focuses more on the projects that matter. You can access, compare, or roll-back older versions if necessary—all in just a few clicks. When users make comments and updates, Huddle automatically notifies everyone involved, accelerating the review cycle.

  • One central location for your content

    One central location for your content

    With Huddle, file sharing, project collaboration and content management are all together in one secure, shared environment. Unlike intranet software, you can work using your preferred device; and your extended supply chain can too—online or offline. Everything is synchronized so you can see who has made which changes. File size limits aren’t an issue either: there is no need to zip documents, or deal with the cumbersome, difficulties of FTP.

  • Look, no IT

    Look, no IT

    Being cloud-based, Huddle requires no upfront cost, initial deployment or maintenance. This allows IT to focus on more strategic activities, and your team to focus on innovation and agility. With an ever growing number of extensions and an open API, Huddle can be fully integrated into your enterprise stack. An integrated service with, for example, allows documents to be surfaced into Salesforce against an account, contact or any type of record.

How it works

Cloud file sharing and management

Cloud file sharing and management

  • Create your own folder and sub-folder structure to share files with team members in just a few clicks
  • Sort your files and folders by title, size, date modified or approval status
  • Huddle’s powerful search engine looks within the text of uploaded files across workspaces or within folders accelerate productivity


Put people on the same page

Put people on the same page

  • Profile pages allow users to share contact information. Upload a picture of yourself and a biography
  • Group people into teams and assign different privileges, including permissions and access rights
  • See who has been active in the workspace recently and when they last logged in. Assign meeting actions to accelerate programs


Every file, available on every device

Security you can trust

  • Huddle has exceptionally rigorous security standards, including SSAE16 certified data centers run by Rackspace to ISO27001 certification
  • Set granular permissions against each workspace or folder, controlling who can view and edit contents within folders
  • Restrict access to your entire custom domain or individual workspaces to a range of IP addresses


Huddle underpins Belgium’s presidency of the European Union

In the run up to Belgium’s Presidency of the Council of the EU, Spain, Belgium and Hungary had to work together to prepare for the country’s role. Using Huddle, more than 100 colleagues from national and local public institutions, non-governmental organizations (NGO), research centers and universities can work together on files, share discussions, manage approvals and schedule events.


Sensibly securing the cloud

Because cloud infrastructure exists mostly or entirely outside of on-premise data centers, IT admins aren’t always properly equipped with the full scope of knowledge needed to evaluate cloud security practices among vendors and form comparisons between cloud services. This cloud security field guide will give you a solid understanding of the key components of cloud security and help guide you to make well-informed purchasing decisions.


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