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Huddle knowledge management software

Huddle knowledge management software

We are all drowning in information but starved of knowledge. Information is everywhere, but knowledge is often locked away on people’s laptops, buried in their inboxes or secreted away on a smartphone. The challenge is to consolidate what people know and share it among employees, departments and even other organizations, so your teams can collaborate and make more informed decisions.

Huddle redefines the notion of knowledge management software. With Huddle, information is stored centrally and made accessible to anyone—inside and outside the firewall—through any device. So knowledge flows like water through your organization: secure, simple and supremely successful collaboration.


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All the required documentation is in a central place and we don’t have to worry about large attachments crashing our email systems or landing in our junk box. I can now set granular permissions and know that only the relevant people can view or amend certain documents.

Linda Hausmanis, Head of Qualifications, the British Institute of Facilities Management

  • Comprehensive collaboration keeps you in control

    Comprehensive collaboration keeps you in control

    Try Huddle and you’ll never look at other knowledge management software. Huddle is the number one SharePoint alternative for enterprise collaboration and content management in the cloud for good reason. With Huddle you can quickly and easily share knowledge across the firewall with your colleagues and partners, comment, assign tasks and approvals—all in one central location—to get work done efficiently. And user profiles allow you to connect with the specific people you need to contribute to your project.

  • Access the right version of everything, every time

    Access the right version of everything, every time

    Unlike other knowledge management software, there’s never any confusion about version control with Huddle. Everyone is on the same page. Huddle eliminates the time wasted when team members share or update the wrong version of a document. You can ensure your team has the knowledge at its fingertips to focus on the projects that matter. You can access, compare, or roll-back older versions if necessary. When users make comments and updates, Huddle automatically notifies everyone involved, accelerating the review cycle.

  • Huddle: the hallmark of security

    Huddle: the hallmark of security

    Huddle only lets you share files securely, making collaboration simple. IL2 grade security is supported by 256-bit SSL and real-time mirrored backups. You can set permissions for files, so that only individuals who have been granted permission can view, edit or delete a document. This security option prevents files from being viewed and edited by unwanted individuals. It also places an extra layer of caution on the changes made to documents and is a way to prevent the deletion of files.

  • Huddle replaces, sits on top of, or alongside SharePoint

    Huddle replaces, sits on top of, or alongside SharePoint

    Content Connector enables you to migrate large amounts of content out of complex SharePoint deployments into Huddle. Light years ahead of standard knowledge management software, this transforms the way you work, supports mobility and drives cross-firewall collaboration. Even where completely replacing SharePoint isn’t an option, Huddle knowledge management software can work on top of SharePoint to provide the collaboration features office workers need, and syncing with SharePoint for knowledge management, record management and archiving.

  • Anytime, anywhere working

    Anytime, anywhere working

    Bringing together enterprise content management, social collaboration and mobile productivity, Huddle’s mobile applications unlock the true potential of mobile knowledge management software. Huddle’s intelligent recommendation technology for iPhone and iPad, for example, automatically delivers and syncs the most relevant files to your device. This is especially useful when commuting as you can still collaborate—even if you are out of signal or offline. You can authorize, comment on or amend documents which will then sync when you are back online.

How it works

Sharing large files made simple

Sharing large files made simple

  • Create your own folder structure to share files with team members. Add new folders at any time during your project
  • Sort your files and folders by title, size, date modified or approval status
  • Search within the text of uploaded files across workspaces or within folders, so that you always find what you need immediately


Seamless content collaboration

Seamless content collaboration

  • Make lists, share pictures and keep up to date with information with Whiteboards
  • With Huddle knowledge management software, you can open and edit documents directly from the cloud
  • Respond to a content notification using Huddle email integration via any email client. Comments are added straight to the relevant whiteboard, discussion, file or task


Taking tasks in its stride

Taking tasks in its stride

  • Track deadlines for your projects, attach files to specific tasks and see late, upcoming and completed tasks
  • Mark tasks as either complete or not complete and re-assign them to users
  • Receive auto reminders about tasks that are nearing the deadline


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PiXL relies on Huddle to deliver education tools to schools nationwide

The PiXL Club collaborates with schools to share ideas and help improve students’ exam results across the UK. Huddle’s powerful knowledge management software helps the club share resources significantly more efficiently, while the unlimited file size and quick upload speed enables the team to upload any file to a secure central location quickly and easily.


Countdown to the collaborative council

This compelling white paper examines the content collaboration challenges and options now facing local government. It explores why some services succeed and fail to meet the demands for security, mobility and content sharing. And it explains why Huddle is the right team collaboration platform for so many public sector authorities.


Countdown to the collaborative council white paper

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