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Huddle for knowledge management

Huddle for knowledge management

With all the places files end up—in emails, hard drives, mobile devices, or servers—it’s no wonder how information in an organization can become fragmented and hard to find. We all know digging around for the right files can eat up valuable time and put a serious dent in efficiency.

Knowledge management doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, Huddle makes it easy with one secure, organized place for all your files. All the knowledge you need is at your fingertips. You and your team can quickly access, share, and update content. Easily manage permission controls and keep track of who has seen which file.


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Huddle has been a really valuable addition to our team, allowing us to share materials much more effectively with our wider marketing team. All our agencies are encouraged to use Huddle to share information between each other and with us, which has significantly improved the way we work.

- Tessa Watson, Marketing Assistant at PZ Cussons Beauty

  • You're seconds away from finding any file

    You’re seconds away from finding any file

    All of your files are secure and accessible from your computer or mobile devices. Being able to track and audit any file makes knowledge management more transparent. Permission controls give you the power to decide which content shouldn’t leave your firewall and which ones are okay to share. The only people who can see any given file are those you grant permission.

    Huddle is one of the easiest ways to manage knowledge for your team, department, or entire organization.

  • Access the most current version first

    Access the most current version first

    Never access or share the wrong file version again. Part of managing knowledge is making sure everyone has the right knowledge. Huddle saves every version that’s been uploaded, showing you and everyone else the most current one first. The comment section below each file makes it convenient to have conversations around any piece of content you’re working on. When you or anyone else makes a change, collaborators and others who need to know are notified immediately. Older versions are easily available for you to reference or roll back to.

  • Security without compromise

    Security without compromise

    This is bulletproof security for all your file management needs. Built from the very beginning with high-caliber security, Huddle offers enterprise and government-grade protection that meets and exceeds requirements that keep you in compliance. Your confidential files remain confidential—secure and encrypted.

    You’re in control of granting and restricting access to teams and individuals with the ability to track and audit activity across the board. Create secure workspaces for internal or external team and individual access.

  • Access and share any file from any device

    Access and share any file from any device

    Huddle makes knowledge management easy on you, your team, and your entire organization. Get complete access to files in the cloud across all your devices. When a file is updated, the new version is immediately available on your computer, tablet, or smartphone. With an intuitive design, cutting-edge features, and an intelligent recommendation engine, Huddle is the most powerful collaboration app available.

    Any changes you or your team make offline are automatically updated when you reconnect online. Take your entire knowledge database with you wherever you go—with airtight security.

How it works

Permission controls at your fingertips

Permission controls at your fingertips

  • Grant and restrict access for individuals and teams, both inside and outside your organization
  • Set permissions to control access to folders and workspaces in Huddle
  • When employees part ways with your organization, it’s easy to shut down access


Complete version control for files

Complete version control for files

  • The current version is the one you see first when you share or access a file
  • Previous versions are located in the same place and are just a mouse click away
  • Every file has a timestamp and version number, along with an activity log to see who has done what


Access the same file across all your devices

Access the same file across all your devices

  • Create and edit documents in native applications you have on your computer or inside Huddle
  • Make comments and share files from your iPad, iPhone, Android, or BlackBerry
  • Huddle apps automatically show you the content that’s relevant to you with our intelligent recommendation engine


Information Standards Board selects Huddle to support collaboration on data and information standards

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The Information Standards Board (ISB) for Education, Skills and Children’s Services (ESCS) is the authority for all data and information standards in England. It develops data and information standards to aid front line delivery, improve efficiency, reduce costs, and minimize bureaucracy.

See how the ISB uses Huddle for knowledge management.


Next-generation content collaboration

Enterprise and government organizations are waking up to the ticking time bomb beneath “Big Content”, file security and loss risks, and fragmented data storage. Here’s how to strip away all the barriers and take advantage of next-generation content collaboration services to quickly, easily, and securely manage all your documents and other files.


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