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As a marketer, a big product launch or multi-channel campaign is always right around the corner. Designers, event planners, internal employees, contractors, external agencies—they all are vital to your extended marketing collaboration team. But keeping them in sync and on deadline can mean many cycles of content creation, review, revisions, and approvals—all on tight timelines and with limited budgets.

Why does it always seem to result in full email inboxes, disconnected phone calls, different versions of documents flying around, and, yes—seemingly endless meetings that add to your workload, but not necessarily to your progress?

There is a better way. Improve marketing collaboration across your entire extended team, and boost the returns from your marketing investment, with Huddle.

Huddle keeps everyone and everything in sync. Our content collaboration software is used by more than 100,000 organizations worldwide, including AKQA, OmniComm, Publicis and marketing departments of Kia Motors, Panasonic, and Sherwin-Williams, to name a few.

Our uptake by the best marketing organizations comes as no surprise, since we offer:

Ease of use

As a marketer, you have little to no time to spare. You need technology that lightens your load and is exceptionally intuitive to use. You and your team can start collaborating with Huddle in less than one day—without training. And you don’t have to wait for IT to set something up. You can create a campaign, add or remove users, or change permission settings—all on your own.

  • The highest usage rates in the industry, up to three times higher than some of the most popular document management solutions.1 Want brand collaboration software people genuinely love to use? That’s Huddle.
  • Zero learning curve—really—so you and your team have more time to be creative.
  • Own and operate your own marketing collaboration software—Huddle. And our Huddle Adoption guarantee will keep your IT department happy, too.


Huddle offers True Uptime,™ a 99.9% uptime guarantee, or your money back.

  • Your email will go down before Huddle, so stop emailing documents to yourself!
  • Whether you are in a meeting room, at a conference, or on the go – online or offline – your content is always available.

Centralized marketing collaboration

Get everyone on the same page, regardless of location.

  • No more “versionitis.” No more file incompatibility. Fewer emails going back and forth to check status. Never again will you send an incorrect version to a printer.
  • Save hours and avoid duplicate efforts by not having to chase each other down to get the latest update. Everyone has access to the same information, content, and documents in one central location.
  • You have full visibility into who is editing and approving documents, and more effective marketing collaboration with internal and external teams.

Unparalleled mobile access

You spend a lot of time in meetings and traveling—but with Huddle, you never need to become a bottleneck.

  • Any device, any time. We have fully tailored mobile applications for iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, and Android.
  • Offline for a while? No problem. Huddle syncs documents on your mobile device every time you are online. So, then you are offline, you can continue to review, edit, approve, and create.
  • Say ‘no’ to search and have the relevant documents front and center. An intelligent recommendations engine powers our iPhone and iPad apps.

Support for large files

Giant presentations? Large creative comps? No problem.

  • Save time. With Huddle, you don’t need to create .zip documents or deal with the complexities of FTP or intranet sites.
  • Huddle saves each person three hours per week finding and sharing files2, so there’s more time to maximize your marketing collaboration moxie.

Anytime, anywhere access

With content in the cloud, you never have to wait for someone to send a file.

  • You can work using your preferred device; and your extended team can too—online or offline. Everything gets synchronized so you can see who has made which changes.
  • Increase productivity. Huddle allows marketers and their extended teams to work from anywhere, offline or online, whenever inspiration strikes.


Your brand assets have never been in safer hands.

  • Content collaboration for marketing stays behind firewall but it is available to people who you are working with outside of your organization.
  • No permissions? Then no access. Only those with appropriate permissions can get to your marketing content.
  • You never have to worry about potentially unsecure free extranet or online content management services.

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