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Huddle for online collaboration

Huddle for online collaboration

Passing files back and forth through emails is messy, restrictive, and risky. No one wants to waste time by digging through old emails for the new file version. No one likes to be denied when they’re trying to attach a large file. No one looks forward to sending confidential documents to the wrong person. But it happens.

With Huddle online collaboration, you can securely store and share files with complete version control. Your team works from the right version of every file, every time.

Huddle gives you complete control of your online collaboration with airtight security. Only those you’ve granted access to can see the files you’re working on. When someone makes a comment on a file or updates a new version, Huddle automatically notifies everyone involved. Collaboration happens online in realtime.


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The main change in working practices is to drive the team to continually upload documents and refer users onto Huddle rather than clog up email systems and shared networks. When material is uploaded and shared, there is no question about where the latest, most current version resides, so we don’t waste time looking for it or waiting for our beleaguered email server to download it.

- Martin Duffy, Contracts Manager at Boots

  • Never attach files to an email again

    Never attach files to an email again

    Huddle gives you the freedom to move out of your inbox and share files in the cloud, with all the online collaboration security and access controls your team needs. Only those you grant access to can see your workspaces and content. In Huddle, you and those you work with have conversations around content to move things forward. If someone does send you a file through email, you can upload it from Outlook into Huddle with a single click. The email string of online collaboration conversations is automatically uploaded along with it.

  • Everyone stays on the same page

    Everyone stays on the same page

    One of the best things about using Huddle for online collaboration is that everyone is always working from the most current version of every file, every time. When new decisions are made about content direction, approval, or timelines, everyone involved is automatically notified. The comment section under each file gives your team one place to view important changes to files. You can assign approvals for content, so nothing goes out without the right people signing off on it.

  • Your content has never been safer

    Your content has never been safer

    Emailing files puts confidential content at risk, placing it on hard drives that leave when employees do. Huddle safeguards your important files and online collaboration from walking out the front door. Built with enterprise and government-grade security, Huddle easily meets, and in most cases exceeds, the minimum requirements set by your company or agency. You’re in control of who sees your content at all times. Grant and restrict access at will. Everything is audited, so you know who has seen what file and when.

  • Online collaboration with anyone, from any device

    Online collaboration with anyone, from any device

    Not only can you safely share files with people located outside the walls of your organization, Huddle gives you access to all of your content online, on all your devices. Send a file from your phone. Approve a document from your iPad. Create and share content from your computer. On your mobile devices, you can see all the files you’re working on in one place—it’s automatically listed for you, before you’ve had a chance to think about it. No Internet connection? No problem. Huddle automatically updates your changes when you’re back online.

  • See what's going on now and what's next

    See what’s going on now and what’s next

    Huddle’s Dashboard gives you a clear view of the task you’re working on, including who’s involved. Using this online collaboration, you can assign tasks to others as well as manage your own tasks with ease. View and set deadlines as you go. Your entire activity feed is listed in chronological order, so you can see what’s going on in realtime. The clean, intuitive layout makes it easy for you to see what’s important now and what’s coming up. Never miss a task. Never lose a file.

How it works

Invite collaborators and share files

Invite collaborators and share files

  • Invite anyone to an online collaboration workspace in a few clicks
  • Share files with whoever you need to
  • Have conversations with collaborators in one place


Files are managed and stored in the cloud

All your files, on all your devices

  • Create and edit online collaboration content from your desktop or web browser
  • Save your work into Huddle from MS Office or Adobe Creative Suite
  • Share files and comments from your tablet or smartphone


See Huddle in action

  • See what it’s like to use Huddle for online collaboration every day
  • Collaborators can work from anywhere
  • Content creation, conversations, and sharing are a snap


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PZ Cussons’ beauty brands look to the cloud to support marketing and agency content collaboration

The Fudge marketing team now uses Huddle online collaboration to share the majority of their marketing activity and communications. All materials required by the agencies, their partners and internal stakeholders are centrally stored online in Huddle, reducing the number of emails that the teams have to send and putting the onus on partners to search for the materials they require.


Exactly, what is online collaboration anyway?

You’ve heard this word tossed around the industry, the office, and the marketplace, but does anyone really know what it means? Humans have been collaborating together since the beginning, so we know, intrinsically, what it can accomplish. Just look at how far society has come since the cave days.

Here’s what online collaboration actually means and how you can use it to accomplish more than you ever thought possible.


What is collaboration white paper

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