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Huddle for online file sharing

Huddle for online file sharing

Huddle for online file sharing

Email is terrible for online file sharing. It can’t handle large file attachments and is even worse for version control and sorting conversations. And hard drives fill up fast. But you already know that.

You also know that sharing files with outside offices makes it infinitely more important to have everything online in one secure place. If you want to stop the endless thread of email conversations that result in meetings that repeat the same issues over and over again, you’ve landing in the right place. Huddle is fast, secure online file sharing for enterprise companies and government agencies. It’s incredibly powerful for collaboration, yet remarkably easy to use.


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When documents were distributed via email, we’d often get more than 50 emails back with numerous questions, different viewpoints to consider, and multiple comments from people in the same region. Huddle has enabled teams to participate in discussions and help each other.

- Pamela Muñoz, Assistant Manager, International Communications at Kia Motors

  • Share your slide deck from the morning train

    Share your slide deck from the morning train

    Your world of work doesn’t stop spinning when you’re out of the office. Doing whatever it takes to complete projects on time means sharing files online anytime of day, from wherever you are. Whether you’re on your way home, on your way into work, or at your desk, Huddle online file sharing makes it remarkably easy to share documents, images, videos, and other files.

    Unleash yourself from your chair and work from anywhere. Make file sharing easy on you and your team.

  • Infinite storage with bullet-proof security

    Infinite storage with bullet-proof security makes life a little sweeter

    Worries about bloated local and shared drives evaporate when your content is stored in the cloud. Large online file sharing is never a problem, so you don’t have to shrink or piece-meal your content anymore. Emailing file attachments belongs to yesterday. Huddle comes with enterprise or government-grade security right out of the box, so online file sharing and storage are always airtight.

    The freedom to save and pass files with ease and without concern makes your workday fly.

  • Make your mobile phone as powerful as your desktop

    Make your mobile phone as powerful as your desktop

    The smartphone in your pocket or purse has the same processing power used to control the Mars Curiosity rover. Huddle harnesses and unleashes that power for you and your team to collaborate, making it easy for you to create, edit, comments on, and share content when you’re out of the office and on the move. All of your online file sharing workspaces, folders, and files are accessible on your iPhone, Android, BlackBerry—and your iPad.

    Huddle’s intelligent recommendation technology automatically shows you all the content you’re involved with before you’ve even had a chance to think about it.

  • Access the right version of everything every time

    Access the right version of everything every time

    Never show up to another meeting and review the old file version again. Huddle cuts out all the time that’s wasted when team members share, update, or finalize the wrong version. Getting those hours back through online file sharing means your team is free to focus on more important project matters. You’re able to access, compare, or rollback older versions, if need be, in just a few clicks. When users make comments or updates, Huddle automatically notifies everyone involved, so reviews and revisions can take place straightaway.

  • Conversations and comments are alive and visible in one place

    Conversations and comments are alive and visible in one place

    Not only can you upload files from your desktop or emails, you can create documents within Huddle. When you upload files from your email, your conversations automatically transfer and show up as comments, and everyone involved in the discussion gets a notification. You can either direct online file sharing comments to certain individuals or the whole group. Files live in one place where you and your team can access, edit, and share it—with complete transparency to those you’ve granted access.

How it works

Cloud file storage and sharing

Cloud file storage & sharing

  • Create secure online file sharing workspaces and upload files in seconds
  • Invite collaborators as teams or individuals
  • Share files with anyone you’re working with


All access pass from any device

All access pass from any device

  • Access everything from your computer, tablet, or smartphone
  • Create online file sharing content and save updates from your desktop
  • Share files and make comments on the go


This is Huddle

  • See how Huddle works for your entire team
  • See how easy it is to share files from anywhere
  • See how Huddle online file sharing supercharges productivity


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Kia Motors manages messages and campaigns across borders with Huddle

Kia Motors Corporation uses Huddle online file sharing to disseminate information and maintain brand consistency in marketing activities across 70 dedicated PR offices, more than 40,000 global employees and numerous external agencies.


Content collaboration for the mobile workforce

The mobile online file sharing invasion is here. No one is chained to his or her desktop anymore. Business is conducted on the move, on a mobile device—walking to work, getting on a plane, from a beach.

Today’s workforce is not just portable, but also collaborative. Your team needs to seamlessly create, manage, and share files online. They need a secure online file sharing environment where files can easily be accessed from across the firewall by internal and external teams—whether they are connecting from a mobile device, desktop, or the web.

Learn more about the power of mobile collaboration.


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