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Online file storage

Online file storage

Cross-firewall collaboration. Ease of use. Security. Mobile integration. Just some of the stand-out benefits that make Huddle the gold standard in online file storage. Unlike other collaboration tools, our closed-security model prevents accidental disclosure of content. Intelligent recommendation technology delivers the content you need before you’ve even had a chance to think about it. You can move content collaboration out of Outlook and into Huddle in a few clicks, where it’s centralized, secure and audited. And Huddle’s ease of use guarantees success and adoption.

Millions of users worldwide—government and enterprise—are making the march to Huddle. Isn’t it time you did too?


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We originally just wanted an FTP site, but the digital team recommended Huddle, which had been used for other projects. It was a big step up from an FTP site, providing us with an opportunity to engage in discussions on the platform and keep all conversations around content in one central place.

- Jennifer Mitchell, Account Manager, Porter Novelli

  • A magic carpet ride to collaboration

    A magic carpet ride to collaboration

    Online file storage with Huddle provides practical features that make uploading and sharing your files easy and convenient. The cloud service facilitates folder sharing, offline syncing, and file versioning in case you lose the most recent version of a stored file. Additionally, files are automatically updated whenever you make changes, and you should have the ability to restore any file you delete from your account.

  • Super-simple online file storage

    Super-simple online file storage

    Huddle makes convenient accessibility the centerpiece of its online file storage. You have access to your most frequently used and important files no matter whether you are, or what device you’re using. Whether it’s a smartphone, tablet, or work computer, you can access, view, and edit all your stored data. As long as you have an Internet connection, you can access your files via any device.

  • Security with a ring of steel

    Security with a ring of steel

    Huddle is supported by 256-bit SSL and real-time mirrored backups. This highly secure online file storage environment makes file sharing with colleagues, teams and departments inside and outside of your organization easy. Being cloud-based, Huddle also gives you the ability to access content from anywhere, at anytime. You can track content versions and feedback from colleagues and set granular permissions to restrict access to sensitive documents.

  • Keep everyone on the same page

    Keep everyone on the same page

    Fast, easy version control comes as standard when you choose Huddle for your online file storage, allowing you to access the most recent version of a document. You can also check documents out, prohibiting others from accessing the document and simultaneously making changes. Huddle also offers an extensive audit trail. This trail records all activity for each file. You will be able to see who accessed a file and what changes were made.

  • Huddle puts stardust into mobile collaboration

    Huddle puts stardust into mobile collaboration

    Huddle is optimized for intuitive and fast access to your files and tasks—anytime, anywhere, on any Internet-connected device. Huddle is seamlessly integrated with your mobile environment, giving you a central location to view files and conversations and streamline approval, task and project management workflows. You can quickly and easily upload multiple files into your workspaces, review your team’s proposals and submit feedback or approvals to move projects forward.

How it works

Collaborate internally and with external partners

Collaborate internally and with external partners

  • Single, secure hub lets all stakeholders streamline online file storage, coordinate processes, and integrate information flows
  • View, edit, and comment on content, all from within the browser
  • Sharing large media files is as easy as a quick upload


Enable more productive and powerful discussions

Enable more productive and powerful discussions

  • Leave a comment, tag a colleague, and receive notifications around activity for any file
  • Send a request for document approval, with all approvals stored in an audit trail
  • Write and share meeting notes and ideas from your mobile device or desktop using Huddle Note


Online file storage with the security of a bank vault

Online file storage with the security of a bank vault

  • Secure workspaces for projects or teams provide one central place for knowledge sharing
  • Reduce the steps to access and share content, leading to a more efficient workflow
  • Closed security model ensures that only the right people can access content


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Game on: SEGA uses Huddle to collaborate on transatlantic gaming projects

Online file storage isn’t a game for SEGA—it’s the business. Learn how the industry leader in interactive digital entertainment media uses Huddle to create a central, secure knowledge base for of working together effectively on complicated gaming projects, and managing marketing plans and milestones all market research and information relating to the business.


Next-generation content collaboration: a brave new era

Content is overwhelming organizations, legacy software and security are failing to cope, and it’s increasingly difficult to work together. Welcome to the ticking time bomb beneath “Big Content”. This Huddle whie paper explains how to strip away the barriers and take advantage of next-generation content collaboration services.


Next-generation content collaboration white paper

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