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Online FTP

The modern enterprise workforce demands more than just vanilla online FTP. You want to transfer, share and collaborate on even the largest files, securely and with ease. And with no hidden costs.

Huddle is designed for agile, mobile teams to work together without barriers. With Huddle there’s no client software to install, because online FTP is built in and available from anywhere via the cloud. With Huddle, you can send files of any size to remote sites in just a few clicks, and open the door to secure, cross-firewall collaboration. Seamless mobile integration comes as standard too.


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Huddle has proved to be an invaluable solution within our organization for the management of complex projects involving multiple organizations. The need for a service like Huddle has existed for some time and thankfully due to Huddle’s pan-government IL2 accreditation, it is a service we are able to implement.

- Brian Granger, Relationship Manager, Forestry Commission

  • Centralized content management

    Centralized content management

    Huddle provides a centralized hub where content, communications, tasks and deadlines come together—even through the firewall. Enjoy complete visibility into who is editing and approving documents and more effective collaboration for faster, more informed decision-making with partners, suppliers and customers. You can assign tasks to your team and include notes or links; receive automatic reminders about tasks as deadlines approach; and understand tasks to complete, deadlines and document approval requests. Online FTP was never this fast or easy.

  • Lose no sleep over security

    Lose no sleep over security

    It’s still too easy for user credentials on online FTP sites to be shared and confidential data disclosed. By embedding security into our product design, Huddle stands alone in its commitment to keeping your content secure. Data stored in the Huddle cloud is encrypted and secured where you want it. Your data is protected at the network level through meticulous monitoring and vulnerability testing. And we’ve selected premium data center providers with unparalleled encryption and uptime credentials.

  • Step aside IT people…there’s nothing to see here

    Step aside IT people…there’s nothing to see here

    Using Huddle as an online FTP alternative, there are no on-site servers or extensive permission controls. As Huddle is based in the cloud, IT doesn’t have to do a thing. There’s no upfront cost, initial deployment or maintenance. This allows IT to focus on more strategic activities, and you to focus on sales innovation and agility. With an ever-growing number of extensions and an open API, Huddle can be fully integrated into your enterprise stack.

  • As easy as riding a bike with stabilizers

    As easy as riding a bike with stabilizers

    Unlike online FTP, Huddle will never leave you scratching your head. People start using Huddle without training in less than one day. And as an FTP alternative, Huddle is easy on everyone, not just IT. Huddle has the highest usage rates in the industry; up to three times higher than some of the most popular document management solutions. With Huddle you get all of the power and none of the pain of online FTP.

  • Mobile online FTP comes of age

    Mobile online FTP comes of age

    You need an online FTP collaboration system optimized for intuitive and fast access to your files and tasks—anytime, anywhere, on any Internet-connected device. Huddle is seamlessly integrated with the mobile environment, giving you a central location to view files and conversations and streamline approval, task and project management workflows. You can quickly and easily upload multiple files into your workspaces, review your team’s proposals and submit feedback or approvals to move projects forward.

How it works

Fast, secure, cloud collaboration

Fast, secure, cloud collaboration

  • Create and assign tasks to your team, then filter by late tasks or task holders
  • Automated reminders flag imminent and overdue deadlines
  • Attach a file to your tasks to keep your content closely associated with the task list


Security comes as standard

Security comes as standard

  • Encrypts data to government-grade standards and authenticates the server to the user
  • Administrate your own folder and sub-folder structure, seamlessly sharing files with team members in a few clicks
  • Sort your files and folders by title, size, date modified or approval status


Synchronize tasks

Synchronize tasks

  • Edit documents, add comments and continue conversations with your team on the move
  • Recommendation engine pushes top 20 documents to you on any device
  • Use Huddle to easily share files and manage secure access


Civil Aviation Authority

Civil Aviation Authority uses Huddle to collaborate on the Future Airspace Strategy

Find out how the CAA is soaring with Huddle. Huddle enables both internal departments within the UK’s specialist aviation regulator—and external organizations—to share and manage content on a secure platform. With everything saved in a single location, there is a clear audit trail of who has accessed what content at what time, ensuring the right version is used every time.


Countdown to the collaborative council

This compelling white paper examines the content collaboration challenges and options now facing local government. It explores why some services succeed and fail to meet the demands for security, mobility and content sharing. And it explains why Huddle is the right team collaboration platform for so many public sector authorities.


Countdown to the collaborative council white paper

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