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Huddle for Mac & Windows

Huddle for Mac
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Huddle for Windows or Mac allows you to open and edit files directly from the cloud. You can use your familiar desktop applications such as Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint, or the Adobe Creative Suite.

While you’re editing files, they will be locked automatically, so that others don’t overwrite your changes, saving you time.

The app works online or offline and ensures you are always working from the latest version: it cleans up old versions in the background.

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“For us, Huddle for Windows has helped us cut down those precious minutes lost on admin as we can quickly and efficiently edit a document. In our team, we have a variety of different technical abilities so Huddle for Windows has helped us remove any remaining barriers to adoption, smoothing the bumps in the road.”

Eva Murphy, Pearson

  • Huddle will record your offline saves, then sync the latest version up when you reconnect
  • View and edit your content directly in the applications you already use
  • OPen, edit and save in seconds. Make changes to Huddle content as fast as you would from 'My Documents'
Huddle for Mac & Windows product demo

See Huddle for Windows & Mac in action

Watch our demo on how to view and edit your files directly in the cloud.

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Learn how Huddle keeps your files secure at all times

Huddle is committed to keeping your data safe and secure. Some of the biggest businesses in the world, and numerous government organizations, trust Huddle with their data. This document will give you an overview of Huddle’s secure infrastructure and policies.

You will also find some FAQs at the end of the document. Should you have any further questions regarding our security policies and measures, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.


Huddle for Windows & Mac

Don’t take our word for it, enable Huddle for Windows/Mac and give it a test drive. Choose ‘Enable Huddle Desktop’ from the dropdown menu when requesting access.

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