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Secure collaboration

Collaborate with people outside of your organization

When trying to collaborate with people outside of your organization, in-house networks, shared drives and email systems are simply not up to the job.

Sharing files via email, using online FTP sites and couriers, and spending significant amounts on team members attending face-to-face meetings can result in a large amount of wasted time and money. In terms of security, emails can be intercepted and accidentally sent to the wrong people and hardcopies of content can get lost in transit.

When it comes to gathering feedback and updating content, you can spend hours sifting through your inbox trying to establish whether all questions and viewpoints have been considered.

Huddle works across firewalls, enabling relevant people both inside and outside of an organization to access contact in content in a secure online business collaboration environment.

Secure Collaboration Customer Kia Motors

“When documents were distributed via email, we’d often get more than 50 emails back with numerous questions, different viewpoints to consider and multiple comments from people in the same region. Huddle has enabled teams to participate in discussions and help each other.”

Pamela Muñoz
International Communications

Why choose Huddle?

  • Comprehensive
    All work tools in one place. File sharing, project collaboration and content management.
  • User Adoption Guarantee
    We guarantee that within 90 days 100% of your initial user groups will be trained and using Huddle actively – or we will refund a full three months subscription value. Learn more
  • Security
    Guaranteed uptime of 99.9% and good enough for 90 per cent of the British Government.
  • Customization
    Our product, your brand. Customize your Huddle and workspaces.
  • Support
    We make sure all of our customers know how to use Huddle to its full potential. Webinars and lunch & learn sessions included.


  • Secure file sharing
  • Online file viewer
  • Audit trail and version history
  • People management
  • Task management tools
  • Whiteboards and discussions
  • Mobile apps

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How does Huddle work?

Keep digital assets in one secure place

Create a workspace so that relevant people, inside and outside of your organization, can access content in a secure online environment. With Huddle, you can upload any size and type of file. Create your own folder and sub-folder structure to share files with people across the firewall in just a few clicks. Add new folders at anytime. Huddle’s powerful search engine looks within the text of uploaded files so that you always find what you need immediately.

Maintain control over content

Emails can be intercepted and sent to the wrong people. With Huddle, you can avoid information being accessed by the wrong people by setting granular permissions against each workspace or folder and control who can see specific items. You can also restrict who can invite users into workspaces.

Reduce email traffic

With Huddle’s discussion tool you no longer have to overburden people’s inboxes with email traffic. Conversations and comments can be kept in a central place. Using Huddle’s wiki-style online whiteboard you can brainstorm with your team, make lists, share pictures and keep up to date with information. Edit whiteboards directly and save your changes or add comments beneath the whiteboard to start a conversation.

Reduce face-to-face meetings

Unable to access relevant documents stored on organizations’ servers, working with external teams on projects can result in a lot of time and money being spent on meeting in person. With Huddle you can hold virtual meetings by taking advantage of phone conferencing and integrating your favorite conferencing tool. You can invite people from within and outside your organization to share your desktop and view presentations, training and demonstrations.

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