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Secure file transfer

Secure file transfer

Secure file transfer

When it comes to content collaboration, is SharePoint shaking your patience to the core? Email and consumer cloud storage systems consuming your concerns about security? For fast, easy and secure file transfer the definitive choice is Huddle. Thousands of enterprise and government organizations worldwide rely on this next-generation content collaboration solution to supercharge their productivity and transform the way they work.

Huddle has all the ingredients for storing, sharing and working on content—ingredients that can’t be matched by SharePoint, email or cloud storage systems like Dropbox. Like government-grade security, cross-firewall collaboration, ease of use and seamless integration. It’s time to Huddle.


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When documents were distributed via email, we’d often get more than 50 emails back with numerous questions, different viewpoints to consider and multiple comments from people in the same region. Huddle has enabled teams to participate in discussions and help each other.

- Pamela Muñoz, Assistant Manager, International Comms, Kia Motors Corporation

  • Bring sparkle into SharePoint

    Bring sparkle into SharePoint

    Huddle and SharePoint integration means you can bring external third parties out from the cold and into the conversation. Clients, agencies and consultants residing outside the firewall become part of a consolidated, secured and audited collaboration environment—one that can be viewed anytime, anywhere via your mobile device. And unlike other secure file transfer systems, you can introduce a social component into your enterprise applications, fostering collaboration, communications and knowledge sharing among employees and third-parties.

  • Secure collaboration for all

    Secure collaboration for all

    One of Huddle’s founding missions is to enable secure collaboration. IL2 grade security is supported by 256-bit SSL and real-time mirrored backups. You can set permissions for files, so that only individuals who have been granted permission can view, edit or delete a document—preventing files from being viewed by unwanted individuals. This approach to secure file transfer also places an extra layer of caution on the changes made to documents and prevents the deletion of files.

  • One version, one location

    One version, one location

    Huddle introduces one location for all your content, whether it is Office docs, PDF files, images, video or more. And this consolidated approach ensures you always have access to the latest version of a document. When you view the document, Huddle locks it, preventing others for working simultaneously on the same version. A secure file transfer audit trail also records all activity for each file, so you can quickly see who viewed the document and when, what they changed and what the next actions are.

  • Take the conversation wherever you go

    Take the conversation wherever you go

    Bringing together enterprise content management, social collaboration and mobile productivity, Huddle’s mobile applications unlock the true potential of mobile secure file transfer. Huddle’s intelligent recommendation technology for iPhone and iPad, for example, automatically delivers and syncs the most relevant files to your device. This is especially useful when commuting as you can still collaborate—even if you are out of signal or offline. You can authorize, comment on or amend documents which will then sync when you are back online.

  • Powerful collaboration in clicks and swipes

    Powerful collaboration in clicks and swipes

    Huddle helps you find specific files using full-text search capabilities, for maximum productivity—searching the entire body of documents to find keywords. Huddle uses a folder system for storing your documents. You can share these folders with employees and organize the folders by size, date, approval status or name. These folders are saved in designated areas called workspaces and you can create workspaces for projects, departments and more.

How it works

One place for all your content

One place for all your content

  • Invite people you want to collaborate with into a secure workspace—all in a few clicks
  • One location eliminates heartache of version control and accelerates approvals
  • Closed security model ensures that only the right people access your content


Bank-grade secure file transfer

Bank-grade secure file transfer

  • Encrypts data to government- and bank-grade standards
  • Administrates your own folder and sub-folder structure, seamlessly sharing files with team members in a few clicks
  • Sorts your files and folders by title, size, date modified or approval status


Power your productivity forward

Power your productivity forward

  • Intelligent dashboard surfaces the important content to you in real-time
  • Recommendation engine uses sophisticated algorithms to suggest files for you
  • Assign tasks and associate them with files stored in Huddle, helping your projects move along quickly


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Brent Council selects Huddle to streamline financial management

Learn how this London local council’s reliance on email for collaboration led to the wrong versions of documents being shared and information miscommunicated. Discover how Brent Council is using Huddle for secure file transfer to cut down on administration time, streamline processes and avoid time spent correcting mistakes.


The Huddle Connected Desktop Experience

With cloud, mobile working and overwhelming volumes of content stifling collaboration, The Huddle Connected Desktop experience is like a breath of fresh air. In this white paper, we explore how the experience takes the focus away from the PC, allowing you to collaborate securely and easily in the cloud, using the applications on your desktop, smartphone, or tablet.


The Huddle Connected Desktop Experience

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