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Success and adoption guarantee

Success and adoption guarantee

We understand creating a collaborative culture is challenging. It’s as much about shifting mindset as it is about picking up a set of next-generation tools. For this very reason, we’ve assembled a team of specialists who are solely focused on people, not computers. When working with us you can expect:

A passionate commitment

A passionate commitment to the success of your workforce

Accelerated maximum

Accelerated maximum return on investment with a full-scope focus from deployment to 100% adoption

A proven track record of successful

A proven track record of successful Huddle adoption in more than 100,000 organizations across the globe

Success and adoption guarantee
Who we are

Who we are

Based in four locations across two continents, you can find us in NYC, San Francisco, Washington DC, and London. We are industry specialists, implementation and technical consultants, and collaboration experts. We are a global team that hurdles collaboration challenges on a 24-hour clock, 7 days a week, across three time zones.


Alissa Hawkins

Alissa Hawkins

A genuine love for innovative technology and problem solving makes Alissa the expert collaboration consultant she is today. With over five years of experience across a variety of industries, she is adept at leading business change management across a diverse array of teams. At Huddle, Alissa combines her data-driven project management and communications skills to deliver scalable implementations across Huddle’s large enterprise customers.

Alissa is based in the heart of San Francisco where she manages Huddle’s US Customer Success team.

What we are

What we do

Our role is to run with you from the starting line of deployment to your goal of full adoption.

We add muscle to your productivity and profitability by strengthening the impact our cloud collaboration technology has on your organization.

Customer Success Managers specialize in overcoming cultural challenges that naturally come with innovative, next-generation ways of working together.

Huddle Adoption Guarantee

One of the biggest concerns when deploying any new enterprise application is user adoption. We are so confident in the successful take-up of Huddle within your user community that we offer a unique Adoption Guarantee. The Huddle Adoption Guarantee is an industry first. We guarantee that within 90 days 100% of your initial user groups will be trained and using Huddle actively – or we will refund a full three months subscription value.

Complete adoption confidence

Complete adoption confidence

Experience the impact in under 90 days

Experience the impact in under 90 days

Money-back guarantee

Money-back guarantee

Huddle Adoption Guarantee

How we do it

We deliver a unique, structured rollout program, which includes comprehensive support from our Huddle Success teams, effectively ensuring you receive a quick and sustainable return on investment. Working through our proprietary process, your teams are actively using Huddle (huddling) in next to no time.

We equip you with:

  • Crystal clear goals and metrics to measure and demonstrate success
  • A proper project plan for the duration of our engagement
  • 1 on 1 best practice advice at each stage of the game, illustrating how various Huddle clients structure, manage, and govern their shared spaces
  • A single point of contact who knows you, knows what you’re looking to achieve, and sticks to those goals throughout your time with us

How we do it

Harry Knibbs

Harry has a first class honors in Business and Marketing from Canterbury Christ Church University demonstrating undeniable communication and analytical skill sets.

Having worked at Huddle for 3 years Harry has witnessed Huddle grow from a small operational business to a major contender in Enterprise collaboration. He has a deep understanding of the Product working closely with some of our most prestigious international customers including Investec, Johnson and Johnson and Sega. He will consistently strive to achieve high levels of success for all of his accounts helping them meet and exceed their business goals using Huddle.

Huddle’s SuccessLaunch methodology

  • Focused on end-to-end execution
  • Tailored training that’s relevant and engaging
  • Always aligned to your business goals and processes
  • Using what we’ve learned from rolling out to over 100,000 organizations
Michaela Lewis

Michaela Lewis

With a thorough understanding of Software as a Service technologies and over five years of experience, Michaela combines technical expertise and in-depth knowledge of the Huddle platform to deliver true business value to clients across EMEA.

Michaela has a proven track record of delivering rollout campaigns for large clients across a wide range of industries, navigating the complexities of globally distributed teams and cross-functional business priorities to drive adoption and a clear return for her customers. She is well-versed with the challenges faced by those in professional services and FSA-regulated companies.

Introducing Huddle Help

Self-service and support hub

SUBMIT A TICKET Have a question or need some help? Drop us a query. We’re here for you during business hours.
KNOWLEDGEBASE Browse or search in-depth articles on every aspect of the Huddle system including features, settings, and apps.
INTERACTIVE USER GUIDE View a step-by-step guide that turns you into a Huddle expert. This quick-access guide makes it east to hover over anything in Huddle and get concise descriptions of functionalities.
WEBINARS The Huddle StartSmart webinar is designed to give you a quick overview of Huddle’s key features, use cases, and customer success stories. It showcases how using Huddle benefits your organization. Hosted by one of our product specialists, this pre-recorded webinar will help you understand everything Huddle has to offer with amazing real-world use cases and examples of how our customers “huddle”.
WHITE PAPERS Our white papers cover a broad range of topics, including collaboration, security, and the cloud. Get in-depth research and reviews of product and industry-leading topics.
API AND DEVELOPERS Here you’ll find a complete developer’s guide and resources to extend and develop Huddle’s functionalities and to build applications and mash-ups, using the powerful Huddle developer API, with documentation, sample code, and examples. Discover more developer resources with the Huddle API Google Group.
PRODUCT FEEDBACK Share what’s on your mind. Join the forum to add or review ideas to improve Huddle.
UPTIME INFORMATION Because we understand how important your content and workflow are, Huddle is partnered with Aware Monitoring to provide accurate reporting on uptime and outages. Aware Monitoring performs an availability check every minute of every day, and this report is updated every 30 minutes.
RECENT RELEASE NOTES We are updating, improving, and innovating all the time. Stay up-to-date with the newest features and product release information.
COMMUNITY FORUM This is Huddle’s new-user community, where you can find product experts, discuss common questions, and send feedback to us directly.

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