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SharePoint vs. Huddle

Huddle solves your SharePoint frustrations

CIOs are constantly faced with the challenge of supporting innovation while reducing cost and improving operational efficiency. This becomes even more challenging with the on-premise software model, where applications like SharePoint require significant amounts of financial and human resources.

At Huddle, we believe that collaboration tools should be easy to use and deploy. This is why Huddle is architected with the non-technical business user in mind, driving high levels of user adoption and saving the IT department a great deal of frustration.

Huddle is the number one SharePoint alternative for Enterprise Collaboration and Content Management in the cloud and is used by more than 100,000 government organizations and businesses globally.

With no upfront costs, easy deployment and enterprise-level security, Huddle allows CIOs and IT professionals to focus on high value activities. They can drive technological innovation throughout the enterprise, instead of dealing with complex on-premise deployments, migrations and maintenance of legacy systems, such as SharePoint.

Huddle is in the cloud

A Gartner survey revealed that reducing enterprise costs and embracing cloud collaboration technologies is amongst the top priorities for CIOs in 2011. The same survey indicates that the adoption of cloud technologies will release up to 50 per cent of infrastructure and operational resources, allowing them to be redirected to more strategic activities.

Huddle, with its multi-tenant cloud architecture, can significantly reduce the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of collaboration software in the enterprise. With no initial costs for servers, customization and additional licenses, Huddle can be deployed in a matter of days, not weeks or months like SharePoint.

Huddle’s transparent and all-inclusive pricing allows CIOs and IT departments to correctly estimate the total cost of ownership, the time and budget needed for the deployment and the expected ROI.

The following table illustrates the items that relate to the complex SharePoint price structure and how Huddle offers a much simpler pricing scheme.

Fig 1: The hidden costs of SharePoint.

Huddle Costs vs Hidden SharePoint Costs

User adoption guarantee

User adoption is the most critical factor in the deployment of a collaboration and content management application.

Several studies suggest that the SharePoint, due to its inherent complexity and multi-purpose feature set, suffers from low adoption rates in organizations.

Huddle has been proven to have the highest user adoption rates in the industry, up to three times higher than SharePoint.

High levels of user adoption also means that you can significantly reduce training time and costs, while minimizing management issues, typical of SharePoint on-premise deployments.

Huddle’s user interface has been architected with the business user in mind to guarantee the highest possible adoption rates and positive ROI. Huddle’s customer engagement team will help your organization get started by training and supporting your business users, so that the IT can focus on driving innovation and empowering the organization with the most productive and cost efficient tools.

With the Huddle Adoption Guarantee, we are confident that, within 90 days, 100 per cent of your initial user base will be actively using Huddle or we will refund the entire three months subscription value.

For the IT department, Huddle, with its adoption guarantee, is the best way to obtain high levels of collaboration, adoption and ROI. For the end user, it is an intuitive collaboration and content management application that they will enjoy using.

Huddle’s customer research shows a user adoption of 90 per cent, compared with the typical 32 per cent adoption of SharePoint.

Collaborate securely across firewall

Huddle makes it easy to seamlessly share documents and enjoy secure collaboration with your partners, clients or suppliers across the firewall.

Huddle provides secure online workspaces where files can be shared externally without compromising governance. With granular permissions, you can control and audit who can and cannot view specific information.

This results in higher productivity, without having to deal with extranets, networks and VPNs.

Huddle can be accessed from anywhere. Whether it’s a mobile device or a computer outside of your company’s VPN, regardless of which operating system or browser they are using, or which network they are logged on to.

Unlike SharePoint, Huddle has official applications for several mobile devices, including the iPhone, iPad and Android.

The following table shows the different devices that Huddle currently supports:

AndroidNot officially supportedThird-party app
BlackBerryNot officially supportedMost models supported
iPadNot officially supportedOfficial app
iPhoneNot officially supportedOfficial app

Extending Huddle

One of the CIO’s priorities is to leverage existing IT investment, while reducing the complexity of the overall infrastructure.

Huddle can be fully integrated with other applications (and even with legacy SharePoint systems) using our powerful and extensive APIs. This also allows the IT department to build mashups and applications that work seamlessly with Huddle.

For more information on our APIs and how to develop or integrate your business applications with Huddle, check out our API section.