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Team collaboration with Huddle

Team collaboration with Huddle

For successful team collaboration you need to tap into the knowledge, communications, experience, skills and content of colleagues, partners, clients and suppliers quickly and securely. Huddle ensures that seamless team collaboration: providing instant visibility into tasks, activities, progress, deadlines, and more.

With complete visibility, your on-site workgroups, remote workers and even mobile project teams can work together more efficiently, make more effective decisions, and deliver superior results faster. Huddle unifies task scheduling, issues, changes, deliverables, action items, priorities, communication—all in a single cloud-based workspace. No wonder it is the team collaboration solution of choice for more than 100,000 commercial and government organizations.


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Huddle has enabled us to simplify a project that could have potentially been very complicated. Working with such a large team, it was essential that we had one shared platform to provide a single reference point for everyone. Following the success of this project, we want to increase our use of Huddle, bringing collaboration to the forefront and reducing inbox overload.

Simon Littlewood, Head of Business Growth Services, Grant Thornton

  • One team—one location for content

    One team—one location for content

    With Huddle, all documentation resides in a centralized repository, making it easily accessible—anytime and anywhere. You can quickly search for and edit the right files and keep teams on task. You can track document versions and keep everyone in sync via reminders and notifications. And the shared online workspaces can be accessed quickly and securely by on-site or remote offices and telecommuters, enriching extended team collaboration.

  • Mobile team collaboration

    Mobile team collaboration

    With Huddle, your teams can securely collaborate on content from anywhere, anytime, and on any device. All project stakeholders on virtually any device have access to their own personalized project information, providing real-time, accurate information exchange. So next time you’re on a train or waiting in a queue, your mobile device becomes your personal assistant: serving up only the content that is important and allowing you to quickly track, review or approve content on the go.

  • No security leaks with Huddle

    No security leaks with Huddle

    We build more than security into Huddle—we build trust. For secure file sharing, our primary data center is ISO 27001 accredited, for example, and all servers are hosted in secure facilities, operated by Rackspace and Carpathia, with 24/7 monitoring. Network security is just as impressive: the servers are hosted behind firewalls, with a protected perimeter, and penetration testing is conducted on an ongoing basis. Of course, access to Huddle workspaces and files is also restricted, with full administrative control.

  • Secure file sharing through the firewall

    Secure file sharing through the firewall

    Two-thirds of staff still rely on email for secure file sharing across the firewall—wasting time, risking errors and compromising security. Huddle lets you manage projects, share files and collaborate inside and outside the organization. So you work seamlessly with third-parties like sub-contractors, agencies and outsourcing partners. Content is combined in one central view and you can preview files without having to download them. There’s are no firewall barriers, no nasty VPNs and no time-consuming technical configurations. Just fluid collaboration.

  • Use Huddle alongside or on top of SharePoint

    Use Huddle alongside or on top of SharePoint

    Content Connector enables you to migrate large amounts of content out of complex SharePoint deployments and into Huddle’s secure cloud. By doing so, you can transform your team collaboration, support an increasingly mobile workforce and benefit from cross-firewall collaboration. Even where completely replacing SharePoint isn’t an option, the Huddle document management system can work on top of it to provide the collaboration features office workers need, and syncing with SharePoint for knowledge management, record management and archiving.

How it works

Allow extended teams to get their ideas across effectively

Allow extended teams to get their ideas across effectively

  • Encrypted online file storage enables you to sort files and folders by title, size, date and approval status
  • Powerful search looks within text of uploaded files, accelerating team collaboration
  • Media viewer enables you to view, create and edit large files without having to download them


Work together, not apart

Work together, not apart

  • Filtering on late tasks allows you to quickly identify which team members need to be reminded on actions
  • Notifications are automatically sent when a task is set, at a time before a task is due and on completion day
  • iCal integration allows you to push activities out to colleagues’ Outlook or Google calendars


Intelligent synchronization

Intelligent synchronization

  • Edit documents, add comments and continue conversations with your team while on the move
  • Recommendation engine pushes top 20 documents you are recommended to read to any device
  • Manage the full version history of every file. Lock files for editing to prevent conflicting changes


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UK’s largest retailer gives Huddle stamp of approval

The Post Office relies on Huddle to support the roll-out of new technology to 750 branches across the UK. With multiple teams working on this program, the Post Office uses Huddle to achieve greater collaboration between internal teams and external suppliers and make their documentation more manageable.


Countdown to the collaborative council

This compelling white paper examines the content collaboration challenges and options now facing local government. It explores why some services succeed and fail to meet the demands for security, mobility and content sharing. And it explains why Huddle is the right team collaboration platform for so many public sector authorities.


Countdown to the collaborative council white paper

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