Enterprise Mobility and the Rise of the Digital Workplace

Alastair Mitchell

Enterprise mobility is widespread throughout the business world, with 61 percent of employees working outside the office on mobile devices, according to Citrix, which also found that enterprise-managed mobile devices saw a 72 percent increase between 2014 and 2015.

Adecco: Improving bid management with Huddle

Morten Brøgger

Adecco Group, the world’s leading provider of HR solutions, was relying on a fragmented assortment of collaboration tools to manage their bid management processes. This not only made it difficult to share content, it slowed their bid response times. They needed a more efficient, more secure way to manage this process. What they found was Huddle.

Understanding the Limitations of Microsoft Office 365

Alastair Mitchell

Many organizations have considered a move to Microsoft Office 365. Building on Microsoft’s suite of products Office 365 includes a number of options to move enterprise content and communications to the cloud. For those with a legacy Microsoft-centric IT environment, it makes sense to at least consider the move.

Connectional intelligence in the digital age

Alastair Mitchell

How truly connected businesses can gain a competitive advantage

Which is safer in preventing data breaches – paper or the cloud?

Mike Hayward

This week the BBC published an article that details the 10 Local Councils that have had the most data breaches during a three-year period.

The volume of data breaches is significant (4,236), and something that we should all be concerned about!

Berkeley Research Group produces end results faster with Huddle

Kevin Hamilton



Berkeley Research Group (BRG) connects clients to internal experts, and a global network of affiliated firms, universities, and individuals to help clients to overcome strategic, operational, and analytical challenges.To keep pace with the industries we serve and to maintain a competitive edge, we looked to cutting-edge technology. 

Eliminating the inbox nightmare

Bryan Vanetten

Ok, I admit this openly: I am terrible about clearing out my inbox. As of this writing, I have 3,738 emails in my work inbox alone. My personal email inbox is even worse, boasting nearly 15,000 emails. This may seem like a lot of emails, but to many, that is a fraction of what’s going on in their inbox.

Connecting content shouldn’t be difficult

Tim Deluca-Smith

Many legacy ECM systems, such as SharePoint, weren’t built to deliver the external collaboration requirements of today’s businesses. In fact, more than a quarter of SharePoint deployments are augmented with third-party tools, such as Huddle, to enhance functionality and deliver secure cloud-based collaboration that works across the firewall.

Is your workforce stuck doing today’s jobs with yesterday’s tools?

Alastair Mitchell

Could Gartner’s Digital Workplace Maturity Model help you to drive greater employee collaboration? 

“CIOs and IT leaders must build a more social, mobile, accessible and data-driven work environment that can exploit rapidly changing business conditions.”1 This is the key mandate of Gartner’s Digital Workplace Agenda; a business strategy for promoting employee effectiveness and engagement through a more consumer-like computing environment.2

Creating a flexible and dynamic working space for Imperial College London

Alastair Mitchell

All manner of organizations are currently trying to find effective ways of collaborating, especially when geographically dispersed. Sharing information, asking and responding to questions – these can become harder and slower simply on account of distance between team members. Imperial College London is a prime example, in particular its Railway and Transport Strategy Centre (RTSC) within the Centre for Transport Studies (CTS), part of its faculty of Civil and Environment Engineering.


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