How Employee Portals Make Your Remote Employees More Effective

Alastair Mitchell

Distributed teams are quickly becoming the norm. With the improvement of enterprise collaboration tools and cloud-based technology, justifying the cost of office space and transportation is difficult. Remote employees, however, require a different type of communications. Aftera all, you can't just grab a few minutes of their time for an update as you pass their desk or run into them in the kitchen. To optimize the effectiveness of these employees you have to share information with them on a regular basis and ensure your team is engaging with that information.

Huddle shortlisted for Best Cloud Technology at #TheTechies

Tim Deluca-Smith

We’re delighted to announce that Huddle has been shortlisted for the Best Cloud Technology at the 2016 Techies awards.

Celebrating the best of UK technology innovation, The Techies recognizes the industry’s most exciting and innovative businesses.

“I’m delighted that Huddle has been shortlisted for Best Cloud Technology,” said Alastair Mitchell, Huddle’s co-founder. “The category attracted a wide range of companies, so being shortlisted is recognition of the benefits that Huddle is bringing to its global base of clients.”

The final-final-final paradox: How to avoid version bloat

Bryan Vanetten

We have all been in the world of multiple versions for a team document. I personally cannot tell you how many times I have seen on a document, when “completed” is labeled: “Final FINAL FINAL FINAL FINAL.docx.” It may seem obvious, but the topic of naming conventions is something a lot of teams fail to talk about at the very beginning of team work and collaboration. Many of us carry with us some standard of naming convention, “obvious topic name, perhaps date, perhaps initials, perhaps status”.docx.

Five pillars of an innovative growth strategy

Jessica Ray

After three days at the “Winning is Everything” conference, I started to consider what it really takes to be the best? Is there a formula for success? Can it be taught?

Whatever the secret, one thing is certain; almost every session of the conference culminated in one common theme – to remain relevant in the face of increasing competition the need to innovate and use technology to drive greater client service has become paramount.

Trust with the ability to verify

Bryan Vanetten

Once a week I submit a list of work week actions to my boss. From that sheet, we meet for about an hour to discuss what has been going on from my end and how this affects goals and the company’s needs. The twist is, I am based in San Francisco, and my boss is based in New York City. Due to our varying role priorities and tasks, my boss and I often find ourselves worlds apart. Yet despite all of this we have found that our own platform, Huddle, helps us to keep in check.

Collaboration: requisite or buzzword?

Ben Heavens

Fax machines. Computers/laptops. Email. Telephones. Smartphones/Tablets. At some point or another over past decades, businesses have faced a dilemma when a new route of communication or piece of technology hits the market: the question “is this the future, or just a temporary gimmick?”

Huddle Desktop v4.1: Have it your own way

Julien Rizzo

Whether you’re uploading files from a client site, or submitting new documents for review by your peers; sharing, accessing and managing documents should be simple.  That’s why we’ve developed new ways to upload and manage your documents through Huddle Desktop. 

Huddle Desktop (for Windows and Mac) has always been about making Huddle work for you. In fact users tell us that it makes them up to x3 more productive than using the Huddle web interface alone. 

Avoiding operational silos

Bryan Vanetten

An Operational Silo is a term used to describe any process, business unit, management style, or even employee who cannot or does not interact with any other process, system or employee. This sort of behavior can happen innocently or through political machinations, by design or by design flaw, but whatever the case it is bad for business.

Why Silos Occur

Accounting: Grow your business in 4 simple steps

Alastair Mitchell

You’re an exceptional accounting firm delivering high-quality service and maintaining operational efficiency. And yet in spite of the immense value you bring to your customers and prospects, you’re finding it increasingly difficult to stand out from the competition.

Five Information Technology Trends That Will Shape Business in 2016

Alastair Mitchell

The field of information technology (IT) has evolved significantly over the past several years. As IT leaders work to develop strategies for 2016, analytics, cloud computing and cyber security are major areas of focus. Forbes' Peter High predicts that the latest in technologies will have a "significant impact" on the way companies operate over the next several years.

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