It’s that time of year again: the weather is chilly, the stores are packed, and Christmas is just around the corner.

TV commercials would have you believe that they have something for everyone on your list, but what about the geeks in your life? Oh sure, they could always use another electronic gadget, but I’m talking about holiday decorating ideas. For those who are on top of every technological trend; for those who spend hours on World of Warcraft; for those who just can’t seem to get excited about the appearance of traditional Christmas lights, Santa cutouts, and porcelain manger sets — there is hope. You see, while malls and outlet stores may very well cover the needs of all the norms in your life, isn’t it fitting that a technophile’s beloved internet is the source for hundreds of geek-themed holiday decorating ideas?

Some of these you can purchase, some of these you can do yourself, and others will do nothing more than inspire you and get the creative juices flowing for your next holiday party. Narrowing down the list to just ten geek-themed decorative items was pretty difficult, but you can consider these the cream of the crop (in no particular order):

1. iPhone-Themed Cupcakes

Chances are you’ll eat a number of sweets in the coming weeks and it’s even more likely that these sweets will feature the same ol’ holiday themes: holly, Santa Claus, Christmas trees, etc. No need to follow the herd. As a geek, you can shake things up a bit with these awesome iPhone-Themed cupcakes. House guests may not think of these as very Christmas-y, but they will no doubt be impressed by your decorating skills. Plus, fondant’s a whole lot easier to work with than frosting.

2. Pac-Man Christmas Tree

At some point in their life, every geek has had a thing for Pac-Man. How could you not? It’s the most idiotic and simplistic game to have ever been created, but there’s just something so damn irresistible about that round yellow guy and his obsession with eating everything that crosses his path. This may be out of the realm of possibility for you and it may far exceed you decorating budget, but it had to shared: the Pac-Man Christmas tree. Three years ago, someone in Madrid creating a fully-functioning Pac-Man Christmas tree game…and the holidays were never the same again. This has to be one of the best holiday decorating ideas in general.

3. Video Game Controller Ornaments

Now we’re getting to the good stuff, the stuff geeks can really use once the big holiday rolls around: ornaments. But no, not any old ornaments, video game controller ornaments and they are very merry indeed. The ornaments are acrylic and they were designed by Dave Rollins of North Carolina, who sells all of his designs on his Etsy store Use Your Digits. These fantastic ornaments are only 20 bucks, so you could be a complete jerk and only get them for yourself. If; however, you’re feeling the holiday spirit, consider getting these console ornaments for your equally geeky buddy or this controller bracelet for your super geeky girlfriend — Tis the season of giving after all.

4. Geeky Menorahs

Obviously, not everyone celebrates Christmas and it would be a shame to leave all of our Jewish friends out of the geek-themed holiday decorating tips. Online, there’s something for everyone, which is how we found these awesome geeky menorahs. Whether you’re a Star Wars fan or more of a bowling pro (or anything in between), chances are there’s a menorah out there that will fit the needs of that very specific geek in your life.

5. 80’s Gamer Carpets

During the holidays, family members come over in droves and depending on how you feel about your family, this is either a good or bad thing, but that’s beside the point. The point is that with so many extra bodies in the house and with such bad weather outside, it’s difficult to keep the house clean. Sure you could opt for one of those super exciting beige rugs to lay in front of the door or better yet, something red and green with Santa’s face plastered all over it, but you’re a geek, remember? This is why you should check out one of these Nintendo controller rugs. Do they smack you in the face with holiday cheer? Not necessarily, but will they keep you from smacking all of your nieces and nephews for dirtying up your carpet and tracking mud through the house on Christmas Eve?…Most definitely.

6. Festive Lego Creations

So far we’ve seen a lot of items you can purchase to make your home a little more geek chic for the holidays, but this is a DIY project you can complete on a random lazy Sunday afternoon, and let’s not pretend you don’t occasionally bust out your old Legos for fun anyways. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you: festive Lego creations. That’s right, it’s time to get creative. You can spend days building a massive, Lego Christmas trees or make something a little easier, like a mini Lego Christmas centerpiece. Either way, the idea is geek-tastic and easily doable.

7. Smurftastic Blue Christmas Tree

Before there was Adult Swim and graphic novels, there were cartoons and comic books. Many a nerd got their start in the humble world of geeky cartoons and comic books and The Smurfs had one foot firmly planted in each of these worlds. If you give it some thought, the idea of small, blue creatures is actually kind of bizarre and creepy (so don’t think too hard about it), but if you recall your Smurf-loving days fondly, you’ll want to check out this Smurftastic Blue Christmas Tree from Treetopia. When you place this blazing blue baby in your front window you’ll either be the envy of all your neighbors or considered obnoxious with the neighborhood eyesore, either way it’ll shape up to be a great holiday.

8. Star Wars Ornaments

There’s nothing quite like a collection of Star Wars ornaments to help you send the point home that you’re always happy to fly your freak flag, even during the holidays. If it’s a Yoda stocking your after or more traditional-appearing ornaments that just so happen to be plastered with the faces of Star Wars characters, it can all be found and presented at your next holiday party.

9. R2D2 Light Set

We might as well stay with the Star Wars theme. I mean after all, what’s Christmas without R2D2? For the Stars Wars nerd in all of us, I present to you the R2D2 light set. It’s perfect for stringing around the Christmas tree, stringing along the front porch, or better yet when the holiday’s over, stringing around your home office. Why display something so awesome only once a year?

10. Flying Spaghetti Monster Ornament

It takes a special kind of geek to know about the Flying Spaghetti Monster. For those who don’t consider themselves religious, but love celebrating the holiday in true geek style, the Flying Spaghetti Monster ornament may prove to be the perfect accent to your next holiday gathering. After all, opinions on intelligent design may differ at the Christmas dinner party, but no one could deny the outstanding design of this tongue-in-cheek ornament.

So there you are, 10 holiday decorating ideas. If you find any more geeky decorations this holiday please share them in the comments.

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