Working together as a team in an office environment is vitally important to a company’s success, but we all know that sometimes that’s easier said than done. Every office has one…two…three…or more annoying employees who make it impossible to get any work done during the day because of their bad habits, distracting antics, and overall obnoxious behavior. Are you one of those people? Well if so, these 10 surefire ways to get your coworker’s to hate you may just be some of the reasons why. And to those people working in an office alongside a coworker whom they hate working with, because they make it nearly impossible for you to get out of bed and make it to the office each morning, forward them a link to this article and we at Huddle will try get you working together as a team again. We will do our best to try and get the point across that you’re a terrible employee by using our “subtle” hints and persuasive banter.

Be a Loud-Talker…Especially on the Phone

There’s probably no better way to get your fellow coworkers to hate you than to be the loud, obnoxious employee who thinks that the whole office needs to hear everything you say and at all times. This is especially true when taking a phone call. Quick tip: Talking increasingly louder on the phone will NOT improve the other caller’s cellphone reception!

Take 10 Smoke Breaks per Day

I don’t know how the unwritten rule that smokers get to take more breaks than non-smokers ever came to be in the corporate world, but it’s true. So while your non-smoking coworkers are hard at work, go ahead and support your pack-a-day habit by taking as many breaks as possible. Your coworkers will be “glad” to pick up the slack for you.

Eat Your Reheated Fish ‘N Chips at Your Desk so the Whole Office can Enjoy the Aroma

You love tuna salad, hard boiled eggs, gigantic hamburgers with everything on it, and seafood…right? Then go ahead and enjoy some of your favorite smelly foods at your desk, so your coworkers can enjoy it with you. Your colleagues will enjoy the beautiful aroma of fish wafting throughout the office for the rest of the day (…or week). This is an easy way to instantly get your coworkers to hate you! Cut it out and you will be working together as a team in no time.

Manage Your Social Media Profiles for 6 Hours per Day, and Squeeze in Some Work for the remaining 2

If you manage to spend most of your day chatting with friends on Facebook or MySpace, tweeting your every move at Twitter, or finding funny pictures of cats at Digg, you’re well on your way to becoming a horrible coworker that’s hated throughout the office, because you never get any actual “real” work done. Of course, this doesn’t hold true if you work as a social media marketer or consultant, in which case you should avoid social media sites at all costs.

Come to Work When You’re Sick

An easy way to get your coworkers to despise you is to show up to work coughing, hacking, and sneezing all over the office. Despite the fact that most employers urge sick employees to stay home in an effort to avoid spreading the disease throughout the entire office, some stubborn employees still feel the need to come to work sick. You won’t be working together as a team when one is coughing & spluttering over the rest.

Skip the Deodorant and Ignore Personal Hygiene

Nothing worse than having to work alongside the guy who smells like a sweaty mess; all because he refuses to take showers and/or wear deodorant for whatever reason. A surefire way to get people to start hating you at the office is to show up every day smelling worse than the day before. If you notice your coworkers start to ignore you or blow you off, and there seems to be an imaginary 10-foot radius around you that nobody seems to cross, there’s a good chance you may just be the “smelly guy” at work.

See How Many Loose Papers, Photos, and Bobbleheads You Can Fit in Your Workspace

Some employees thrive on having as much clutter as possible in their workspace, and I can assure that their coworkers aren’t impressed! How people can get any work done in that type of environment is beyond me, but more power to ’em. It’s almost as if some people have forgotten what a file cabinet is, and they feel as though they have to completely fill their workspace with junk that doesn’t belong there – Can you say hoarder?!?

See if you can find the employee in this messy office – There actually is someone working in this monstrosity!

Play Your Music…Loud!

A great way to tick-off your fellow coworkers is to play your music and play it loud! Even better, sing along with the music too. After all, your taste of music is, of course, better than your coworker’s…Right? Blaring your favorite Black Eyed Peas song or singing along with Lady Gaga will get your coworkers hot, and they’ll be hating you quicker than you can say “Boom Boom Pow”!

Interrupt Coworkers Who Are Hard at Work

Working as a team requires good communication and teamwork skills, so make sure to interrupt your coworkers constantly throughout the day so you can let them know what’s on your mind, no matter how obscure it may be – Maybe you just thought of a hilarious bar joke, a funny thing happened to you at lunch, or you found a sweet video at YouTube that you have to forward around the office. It doesn’t matter what time of day or what the reason is, interrupting your coworkers while they’re hard at work is a great way to keep the lines of communication open and build up good teamwork amongst the employees. Oh…and it’s a great way for everyone to hate you!

Be a Freeloader

Anytime your office has a company picnic or potluck where everyone brings a dish to pass, don’t bring anything and just eat the food that everyone else brought. Also, don’t ever chip-in to order takeout food as a group, to get a gift for a coworker’s birthday, or to share a cab with a fellow coworker. This rule should also hold true for cleaning up after yourself in company’s kitchen area – especially when your food explodes and gets caked onto the walls of the microwave; definitely don’t clean that up. Everyone loathes a penny-pinching freeloader, so you can surely accomplish your goal of being hated by all of your coworkers by striving to become one.

Avoid these and you should be OK. Working together as a team can sometimes be hard enough let alone having to contend with these bad habits.

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