We realize it can be hard to keep track of all the cool new features being added to Huddle every month and the many ways you can use them. With that is mind, here is our top 10 list of things you might not know you can do…

  1. Integrate the Huddle log-in with your web site or corporate intranet. Find out how by visiting the Developers Huddle
  2. Stay updated in Outlook or your favorite feed reader by subscribing to an iCal feed of what’s new in one or all of your workspaces.
  3. Use Huddle as a media library.Preview images without having to download them first using the integrated Media Viewer.
  4. Keep a checklist on an online whiteboard for review wherever you are, using the iPhone app. Great for organizing events!
  5. Save to Huddle as you work. Open and save your documents straight from Microsoft Office
  6. Set up workspaces for your clients, brand them with your client’s logo and use the workspace to share files and information
  7. Use a workspace as a social area for your company so colleagues can post information about social events, items for sale, car pooling and anything they want to share!
  8. Create simpler workspaces by switching off feature tabs. For example, create a workspace for JUST file sharing or JUST whiteboards
  9. Spread the workload with multiple workspace managers
  10. Studying? Set up a workspace for your study group and use it to share class notes, submit assignments or manage a group project.

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