Last week the world was reminded of the importance of securing data—especially extremely sensitive personal data—when it was first reported by Brian Krebs that a massive security breach at Global Payments put transactional and personal data for 10 million credit card accounts at risk.

As security analyst Avivah Litan at Gartner writes:

“I’ve spoken with folks in the card business who are seeing signs of this breach mushroom…One interesting twist again sheds light on the fact that knowledge based authentication should not be relied upon. I heard (and this may not be factual) that the crime was perpetrated by a Central American gang that broke into the company’s system by answering the application’s knowledge based authentication questions correctly. Looks like the hackers took over an administrative account that was not protected sufficiently…A layered approach is always best, since you have to assume the bad guys will get through one or two or even three layers.”

Of course, this wasn’t the first major data security breach—and it probably won’t be the last—but there are steps that businesses can take to help secure their sensitive, mission-critical data. Huddle’s head of Enterprise Technology, James Matthews, covers cloud security in the new four-part series, Huddle’s Guide to Sensibly Securing the Cloud, including securing personal data.

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