Earlier this month, we launched our powerful but simple task management tool. We focused on the individual team members actually doing the work and opened up the project management process, empowering everyone on the team to update statuses, interact and get stuff done.

When our new Tasks section went live, we highlighted that we were committed to developing it further and requested your feedback so that we could make it even better. I’m pleased to say that we’ve collated our customers’ ideas, feedback from the Huddle team and our own product vision for our latest release. On 2 December, you’ll be able to:

  • Delete a task (we told you it was coming soon!)
  • Attach Huddle files to your tasks
  • Filter by Status, including the ability to filter out all completed tasks
  • Automatic Email notifications when adding comments to a task

We have also fixed some issues that have been around for a while, such as increasing the maximum discussion post length to half a megabyte (512kb, or around 255,000 characters!)

We hope you like these task updates. We think they add some really useful functionality, while also being easy, and enjoyable, to use.  Let us know what you think in our feedback forum here: http://bit.ly/RFMlNS.


Now, to planning the next release………….

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