The digital revolution struck with an unprecedented impact on business operations. Modern technology makes it easier than ever to engage customers and prospects.

And with social media and mobile channels running strong and innovations piercing the veal of what we thought possible, we thought we’d take a peek into the future of marketing, beyond the layers of time, and get a preview of what our marketing departments will look like in the year 2020. Google goggles, eye implants, and cyborg technology aside, how will technology drive the evolution of marketing? What skills will marketers need to surf the tide of compelling, personalized content that hinges on deep analytic data?

As work silos crumble and companies embrace the transparency and efficiency of team collaboration in the cloud, we’ll begin to see more scalable content that matters reach far more knowledgeable customers. As a result, 70% of selling is likely to happen through marketing, before sales teams have a chance to engage. Marketing will refocus and center around the customer, not just products and channels.

Top 5 things that will transform the future of marketing

  1. Drip marketing – content will pour out like water from a faucet
  2. Marketing becomes a science – compelling, personalized content will be based on deep analytic knowledge
  3. Team silos will vanish – cross-functional, internal and external workspaces become the norm
  4. All technology shifts into the cloud – content will be intelligently delivered automatically, no need to search
  5. Everything is mobile – tablets and smartphones evolve as the standard and traditional web interfaces die

But we’ve just scratched the surface and barely had a peek into what your marketing department will look like in 2020. Tomorrow will be here before you know it. So where’s the full picture, and how can you future-proof your marketing portal?

It’s right here. Discover the future of marketing in 2020.

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