It’s tempting to look at intelligent collaboration as a quick fix for mismanaging projects, lack of communication, and tight deadlines.

Yes, it can help tackle these problems, but it’s so much more than that. It really introduces a new culture and a next-level way of working with your teams. When you look at collaboration this way, it shifts your team from a place where work is discussed to a place where work gets done.

1. Collaborate and communicate with purpose

With a bit of effort on the front end, making the best use of intelligent collaboration means defining team goals and building a sturdy framework. When you assemble the dream team and clearly define projects and campaigns, your intelligent collaboration tool ceases to be just another jumbled repository.

2. Give them tools they’ll actually use

It’s a whole lot easier to convince teams to adopt collaboration tools they actually love to use. Forcing a complex, confusing platform on people will only drive users back to email –which doesn’t work for things like version control, tracking changes, and discussing nitty-gritty projects details with the team.

3. Look beyond simply storing files

Intelligent collaboration puts content, information, tasks, and brainstorming into one location where everything is accessible by everyone – and it’s ever evolving. Although file storage places your files in one location, brainstorming, tasking, and commenting still happens through email –and that still leaves you with a whole stack of communication problems.

4. Move conversations out of email, it’s not collaboration

Imagine throwing a party where each guest is sequestered to soundproof rooms with only one or two other guests. Each room would start to produce yawns and echoes of the same conversation –and it wouldn’t be a very fun party. Exchanging emails with only a few people produces similar results – small groups of people duplicating work without the benefit of insightful conversation and new ideas from the rest of the team.

5. Connect teams inside and out of your company

For collaboration to be a success, you must include all of your team members, even if they’re contracted designers, digital agencies, or web developers who are not within your company’s domain. You’ll build better teams and produce better campaigns if you include everyone in the process to share ideas, offer feedback, and united all of your players around one goal.

6. Be transparent with timelines

collaboration platform that sets deadlines and milestones will help everyone prioritize their work and emerge with the best product when they cross the goal line. You can avoid the added stress of a last-minute client presentation by simply updating deadlines with your team.

7. Share early and often

For intelligent collaboration to work, people need to feel comfortable sharing work that’s in the early draft stages in order to collect feedback from colleagues before pursuing just one single idea. Also, make sure you update colleagues as you develop content to garner the most constructive feedback throughout the entire process – not simply at the tail end.

Keep in mind, the role of the marketer has changed greatly over the past few years as a result of new technology.

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