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Doubling down on our commitment to security

Security is top of mind for any organization, but especially for those that regularly work with customers, and their data. That’s why our focus has not only been to make it easier to work better together, but also to do so securely. We have worked hard to become the leader in secure collaboration and today’s announcement solidifies this position.

Huddle add-on for G Suite – enjoy the best of both worlds

With features like real-time co-authoring, G Suite is perfect for collaborating with colleagues inside the organization. And it’s no surprise that, at Huddle, we’re seeing an increasing number of organizations move exclusively to G Suite for their productivity requirements. That’s why we’ve made it easy to publish content straight to Huddle from Google Docs and Sheets. Secure document sharing

How do you overcome career obstacles?

The nomination of Hillary Clinton as a major political party’s candidate for president of the United States has once again elevated the issue of gender equality. It’s an important topic and one that is especially prominent in the tech industry where women make up just over 25 percent of the workforce despite the fact that this number is closer to 50 percent when it comes to the global workforce.

Proving the value of collaboration

Download your free copy of Forrester’s Report: Monitor the Performance of Your Collaboration Program When procuring any new asset it’s essential to prove the value of the investment. Whether that’s clear-cut ROI or some other performance metric such as increased productivity or even adoption depends on what success means for your business. Above all, the asset should contribute positively to bottom line.

Brexit, now what?

Now that the dust has begun to settle on the Brexit news, we can start looking to the future. Having voted to leave the European Union, the UK will now need to negotiate a completely new set of trade deals – something they haven’t done for nearly half a century. No one yet knows what this will look like, but there is no doubt that the process of getting there will be enormously demanding on resources.

Considerations when buying a SaaS solution

Following years of many SaaS vendors pricing for growth (essentially buying business), buyers have been conditioned into assuming SaaS will always be cheaper than on-premise, and that vendors should be evaluated on price alone.

Document management: More than just knowledge at risk

Organizational knowledge is the key to success for professional services firms; however as firms grow they are at increased risk of mismanaging this information. Flooded by an ever-increasing volume of documents, it’s becoming harder for organizations to manage, protect and leverage their core knowledge assets.

iOS Update: New ways to upload to Huddle

Whether you’re adding the final touches to a presentation, writing up the minutes from a recent meeting, or capturing images for a research project, being able to review, edit and share documents while you’re on the move can unlock previously untapped productivity for you and your team. That’s why, in our latest Huddle for iOS release, we’ve added new ways to upload your documents and files directly to Huddle.

How to reduce the cost of new business

In professional services a steady stream of new business is not only important, it’s essential to grow. However, new business pursuits do not come cheaply. Bidding on new business takes up employee time and quickly eats up billable hours. Reliant on new business, yet strapped for resources, firms are often left in a quandary.

Need to prevent others from editing your work? Lock your document.

When it comes to collaborating on documents, most people resort to email. Chances are you’ve experienced the frustrations of trying to find the correct version of the document in your inbox, or, because email doesn’t maintain a single version of a document for everyone to access, you discover that a colleague has been working on a separate copy of the document and you end up with two conflicting versions.
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