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SharePoint vs Huddle: What users really think

Tim Deluca-Smith If you're reviewing a document collaboration solution, tools like G2Crowd offer a great way to compare products and read real user reviews.  As a collaboration solution, our users rate Huddle higher than Microsoft SharePoint across ease-of-use, support and collaborative features!

Huddle and Microsoft Office Online: A Seamless Collaboration Experience

Julien Rizzo Today we announced the general availability of integration with Office Online, meaning organizations can collaborate even more effectively on Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft Word documents. Expanding on Huddle’s existing Office integration, today’s announcement adds new support for Office Online. Users can quickly create, preview and manage their Office files within Huddle, and then seamlessly transition into Office Online for editing and real-time co-authoring.

People Search: it’s about who you know

Dominic Green Whether you’re designing the next marketing campaign or working together on a proposal, chances are you’re working on lots of documents, with lots of different people. Using tools like email and file shares to work together on documents can be frustrating at the best of times – even seemingly simple activities like finding the content you need can become a real time drain.

If you rely on email to gather files from clients and colleagues - beware!

Martin Saberton If you’ve read our blog announcing the launch of File Request, you’ll know just how excited we are about it! That’s because we’ve seen first-hand just how powerful it is when chasing files from clients, or collating work from colleagues. In fact, we estimate that Huddle’s File Request feature will make bulk information gathering 80% more efficient.

File Request: Making Bulk Requests Simple and Secure

Janna Larma Today we announced the general availability of File Request, a new feature designed to make the collection of files more secure, and up to 80 percent more efficient. Whether it’s chasing clients for files, or collating work from colleagues, teams can waste valuable hours requesting, tracking and chasing down documents. Managing the process of gathering files through email and spreadsheets presents a myriad of challenges including file size, mailbox limitations and, in the case of bulk file requests, a real nightmare trying to keep track of who has sent what files.

Been hit by Wannacry? Time for a security risk assessment

Paul McCourt - CISSP, CISM, CISA Roughly 30 minutes after the Guardian broke the news of the WannaCry ransomware attack I received an unsolicited email from a sales rep trying to leverage the Wannacry attack to sell their software protection product. Now I’m used to some very slippery tactics, but even this is especially low. The rep even bragged about how they had several NHS clients and were working closely with them to assist in remediation.

Digitize or Die: Why the way professional services firms use software decides their success

Morten Brøgger Working in professional services means constantly, obsessively, thinking about how to serve clients better. Some decisions are intuitive--talented workers, more resources, quick responses. In comparison, the relative digitalization of a services company might seem somewhat irrelevant or unimportant. But that mindset couldn’t be more wrong. Even in the least technical fields, the software (or lack thereof) that services companies use has become a major business differentiator. Here’s why. Good Software Can Bring Big Benefits

Avoid the CEO Fraud scam that's costing businesses billions

Tim Deluca-Smith According to the FBI, more than 20,000 businesses around the world have collectively lost more than $3bn in the last three years, to a surprisingly low-tech email scam – CEO Fraud, or Business Email Compromise (BEC)

Why business transformation can’t happen (successfully) without great enterprise collaboration

Morten Brøgger A desire to increase revenues, lower costs, and delight clients is hardly a new concept; indeed, it’s the foundation for any successful business. However, that doesn’t mean it’s easy to achieve. Business transformation programs often fall short, with siloed initiatives delivering only temporary gains.

3 simple signs that you need a collaboration solution

Tim Deluca-Smith Why collaboration – why now? Have you ever missed a deadline because you were waiting on a manager to approve a document? Perhaps you’ve been working remotely and couldn’t access the latest version of a document on your mobile device, or (worse), you’ve had to work late because you were picking through document revisions made by your team?
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