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Removing the roadblocks to collaboration

Last week we introduced Document Comparison, a new feature designed to help users who are collaborating on a Microsoft Word document to compare it with a previous version. Document Comparison makes it easy to visually see changes that have been made between the current document and any historical version that’s stored in Huddle.

The power of a "HUG"

Over the past ten years, Huddle has steadily grown a large customer base within UK Central Government and beyond, with local government organisations and NHS institutions adopting our proven, cloud-based solution for their collaboration needs.

Document Comparison: Review documents the easy way

Whether you’re working on an important proposal, or just collaborating on some technical research, keeping track of changes made by your colleagues can really slow things down. When deadlines are looming, there’s often pressure to speed up review cycles, so simple tasks like finding and reviewing a few small changes in a 30 page document can be a frustrating experience.

A lack of collaboration is costing accountants

Employees, suppliers and customers are often spread across different buildings, cities, countries and even continents. All need secure access to workplace information anytime, anywhere. Accountancy firms are no exception.  

Competing in the Age of AI: 3 ways to set yourself apart

The professional service industry—any third-party consultancy or support service that helps businesses operate better–is massive. In the United States the professional service industry is comprised of almost 20 million people, which is roughly 13 percent of the total American workforce. Those 13 percent are in grave danger; they might find themselves jobless in as little as 10 years time.

Upload to Huddle from Android

Whether you’ve captured notes from a meeting and you need to share them with the team back in the office, or you’ve created a draft proposal that you want to submit for review, being able to share and access project documents while you’re on your mobile device can help to accelerate individual and team responsiveness and productivity.

Collaborating your way to greater revenue

Somewhere in the last 20 years email, intended only as a communication tool, has become the de facto standard for collaboration. The problem with this is that it just doesn’t fit the bill for most organizations, especially those in highly regulated industries. It’s a bit like using a screwdriver to hammer a nail. It will get the job done, but the process will be painfully inefficient.

Need to upload documents to Huddle? Simply drag and drop

Unlike email, USB thumb drives, network file stores or physical copies mailed between offices, Huddle streamlines the process of gathering and sharing files. And, with a generous file size limit, Huddle has a number of convenient options for adding new files right from your desktop. One way is to simply select the files on your desktop and drag them directly into a Huddle workspace. 

Achieving Success in the ‘Age of the Customer’

Today’s accounting professionals are sitting at the epicenter of a massive technological shift. In an effort to better meet client demands, and to maintain a competitive advantage, firms are realizing the value of improved team and client collaboration and they’re looking to the cloud to achieve it.

Why organizations can no longer avoid the cloud

Over the last several years, it’s become clear that organizations can no longer ignore the cloud. As we move further down the path toward a fully networked enterprise, organizations large and small have realized that collaboration tools can enable teams, reduce risk and even unlock new revenue streams. At Huddle, we’ve been there every step of the way as this trend has unfolded.
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