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Hi there, this is my first blog so quick introduction, I’m James, a dev at, I work on pretty much the whole development stack, right from CSS down to TSQL.

DrinkTank ‘hottest’ Awards lives on

Behind the scenes of the DrinkTank Awards, there were tears and cries ‘we was robbed’. That’s why I am a bit worried about another beast we have unleashed today in co-operation with our friends from – TwitorFit. is a Twitter application where you look at Twitter users’ pictures and rate their appearance while reading their latest tweets; a bit like You can read how our little side project evolved here Go on, give a try, just don’t take it too seriously.

Fun and games at the inaugural DrinkTank awards

Last night saw the final DrinkTank event of the year and the first annual DrinkTank awards. Many thanks to the hundreds-upon-hundreds of people that voted across all the categories – there was drama, emotion and some tears (mainly from Paul Walsh who was edged out by actual females) as the winners were revealed. If you didn’t make it along the winner’s roster looked as so: The hottest start-up outside London Winner: (Reading) Runner-ups: Hubdub (Edinburgh), Slice the Pie (Berkshire)

Huddle Blog Introducing Huddle’s new beta site

Isn’t this exciting? For some time now we’ve been working on a better and better looking new user interface (UI) for Huddle. The beta version is finally here. We would love all our users to test this and give us as much feedback as possible – There’s a feedback button on the right hand side of your Dashboard. Check it out at and tell us what you think.

How many Huddlers does it take to change a lightbulb?

Three, apparently. Buh dum, tish. On the subject of weak jokes, what about one that starts “a man walks into a bar on Bermondsey Street..”? Well, this was answered by Charlie Hoult on his blog:

My first week

They say dog owners eventually start to resemble their dogs. I’m starting to wonder if software development teams grow to resemble their products. They say dog owners eventually start to resemble their dogs. I’m starting to wonder if software development teams grow to resemble their products.

Huddle launches with the Charity Technology Exchange – more charities to benefit from free online collaboration

We’re really pleased this week to announce our partnership with the Charity Technology Exchange alongside names like Microsoft, Cisco and Flickr. We’ve been offering free collaboration packages to registered charities for some time now, but this partnership will hopefully allow even more UK charities to benefit from Huddle’s donation programme. Any UK registered charity can now apply for a free package quickly and easily on the CTX website

Huddle named to Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Social Software

Big news. was named in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Social Software this month. The Gartner Magic Quadrant, for those who don’t know, is a tool designed to provide an unbiased qualitative analysis of markets’ direction, maturity and participants. It’s a serious benchmark for any enterprise buyers.

The debate continues on Huddle Workspaces

Have you used discussions on Huddle Workspaces for LinkedIn yet? You can add it them here and start the debate now.

Doom & Gloom or the break-through year for SaaS, the Cloud & Social Software?

JSooooooooo, with all the talk of recession, economic crisis and the global meltdown of markets I thought it would be good to see what the world looks like from our side of the fence. And along the way share some of the things we at Huddle have been thinking about with many of the other early stage companies we know both here in the UK and further afield. So what are the recession effects on startups?
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