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Ready to make some New Year's Resolutions?

With the New Year just a few weeks away, now’s the perfect time to plan ahead and set some goals. If one of your goals is to improve team collaboration, our infographic suggests five simple things you can do to improve performance in 2017. 

In the Cloud Age, Sales is a Team Sport

Sales is stereotypically thought of as an extremely individualized occupation. The clichéd salesperson of popular lore is a competitive, single-minded loner who is constantly out-of-pocket chasing deals on the golf-course.

Five Dangers of Siloed Information for IT and Operations Teams

IT and Operations workers are many things, but bored isn’t one of them. According to a survey from IT community site Spiceworks, the average IT pro logs 52 hours per workweek.

Better executive and board collaboration drives business success

The success of a business depends on three pillars; credibility, visibility and innovation. For the most part this lies with the board. It is the leadership’s job to inspire and drive change throughout the business.  And when done well, this can propel a company to stardom-like success – just look at Steve Jobs and Apple, Bill Gates and Microsoft, or Christopher Bailey and Burberry.

Being more collaborative helps PR agencies keep pace

Guest Blog By Will Gardiner, Head of Enterprise Technology, CCgroup PR    

When the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) needed a way to improve collaboration it turned to Huddle

  Government agencies, grantees and other private sector partners often need to come together to deliver major projects. This typically requires agility and the coordination of effort around a large volume of documentation. However, with participants from an increasingly broad spectrum of organizations, project groups can often experience challenges caused by a lack of shared IT infrastructure.

Better collaboration for marketing teams

Whether defining strategy and pricing, supporting sales outreach, governing use of the brand, or managing media influencers, successful marketing teams sit at the center of the organization.

The future is now: the networked enterprise

While you may be asking if this is an old idea – surely every enterprise is networked these days – the networked enterprise is something more than simple connections. In fact, the networked enterprise refers to a fully connected organization. Today we rely on an increasing number of tools in both our personal and work lives. And while most, if not all, rely on connection – both to the Internet as well as to one other – what they often lack is a connection to each other.

Mobile Passcode on Huddle for iOS: Greater security on the go

You’ve probably experienced it before – that sinking feeling when you reach into your pocket or bag for your phone, only to discover it’s not there. Where did you leave it? On the train? In the bar you were at earlier? Or perhaps it was stolen. Either way, it’s gone and you’re probably not going to get it back. As painful as it may be, you can probably live without your phone for a while, but what you might not want to contemplate is someone getting access to your company data.

Better together with Huddle and Slack

It has been said that less is more. In some cases this is true, but there are some times when less is just less. When it comes to collaboration, more collaboration is always better.  At Huddle we recognize that each team is individual, requiring the right combination of tools to make them most effective. We believe that two of the most fundamental collaboration tools are content management and communication. Case in point: combining Huddle and Slack.
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