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The Evolution of a Team

Someone recently tweeted about a company only being as good as its team. Sounds obvious, right? I’ve worked in a few places where for historical, political or some other reason the assembled team was never quite up to scratch. [If I used to work with you and you’re reading this, i’m not talking about you, honest.

Discussion boards launched!

We’re pleased to announce that Discussion boards have now been launched in Huddle – these provide you a chance to start forum-style discussions with your teams with a wide range of uses from collaborative conversations, notices, announcements, link sharing or problem solving. You will see the new Discussions tab appear at the top of the page next to Tasks so go and have a look!

Why we won’t drop IE6 support any time soon

I keep an eye on what those guys at 37 Signals are up to. Basecamp is the most visible competitor to Huddle, they’re the Goliath to our David and, from a programmer’s perspective, they’ve been aided in their growth by the very public hype over Ruby on Rails. Ruby on Rails is, when all is said and done, the reason that we poor Microsoft saps now get to play with shiny tech like the ASP.Net Model-View-Controller Framework. Thanks guys!. Davide Calvo – our User eXperience guru Davide Calvo – our UX guru
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