You know what it’s like. The road that was clear yesterday is today gridlocked, meaning it’ll take twice as long to get where you need to be. Well, just like heavy traffic and busy intersections, transfer and loading times for cloud-based solutions are often affected by what happens in-between your device and the data center where your data resides. That’s because data has to share infrastructure with everyone else on the web, and during peak times the Internet can experience gridlock of its own.

Whether you need urgent access to a proposal, or you’re trying to share a large presentation with your team, we’ve all experienced the frustration caused by poor connectivity – and the bigger file, the longer the wait.

At Huddle, we’ve never been slouches when it comes to speed. In fact, thousands of organizations have already chosen Huddle over other collaboration tools, simply because they’ve grown tired of the sub-standard transfer rates offered by competing technologies. But we’ve never been ones to rest on our laurels, that’s why our latest upgrade focuses on helping your data find the fastest way across the Internet’s ‘middle mile’.

Just like an overpass can leapfrog busy intersections, or a car pool lane can speed you through a congested freeway, Huddle’s Dynamic Web Acceleration technology uses dedicated infrastructure to bypass the several ‘hops’ that your data typically has to make as it travels between you and the data center. In fact, it’ll accelerate your transfer rates by as much as 80%*.

Huddle’s Dynamic Web Acceleration is particularly impressive if you’re working with large files, but you’ll notice the difference with anything over 10MB. Globally users can expect to see an average upload of 4 MB/sec with speeds of up 6 MB/sec.

Other collaboration solutions risk compromising data security or sovereignty in the search for fast transfer rates. However, Huddle ensures the integrity of data is retained via end-to-end encryption. So, although we can’t remove the gridlock from your daily commute, we can take the frustration out of cloud collaboration and file sharing.

To experience collaboration without gridlock, sign up for our free trial. Read more about Dynamic Web Accelerator.

*Dynamic Web Acceleration is available to all customers using Huddle’s standard data center. Actual transfer rates can vary based on file size, local connection type and proximity to the data center.

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