Somewhere in the last 20 years email, intended only as a communication tool, has become the de facto standard for collaboration. The problem with this is that it just doesn’t fit the bill for most organizations, especially those in highly regulated industries. It’s a bit like using a screwdriver to hammer a nail. It will get the job done, but the process will be painfully inefficient.

Beyond the inefficiencies created by using the wrong tools, you also need to worry about security. Shadow IT is a real risk to all organizations, even government agencies. Study after study has shown that employees not only use unsecure methods of file sharing (USB drives, email and the post!), but also have simply forgotten where they saved files.

Above all, the most pressing reason to use the right collaboration tools is the potential impact on the bottom line. In professional services using the right tools means the difference between success and failure.

Collaboration tools meet everyone’s needs: the CIO who wants to manage risk, the employee who wants to work more efficiently and clients who want simple, secure and organized access to key information. Baker Tilly International has experienced this first hand. Of using Huddle Ria Aird, Business Development Manager said: “Our partners are happy, our clients are happy and we’re excited about what the next steps are going to mean for our business.”



On Thursday, Ria will join me onstage at Accountex to discuss how transparent, collaborative client engagements win and retain business. If you haven’t done so already, you can register for your free tickets here.

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