Whether working on large scale national projects or local level initiatives, the drive for reduced costs and improved efficiency are prompting United States Government agencies to work ever more closely together. However, the lack of shared IT infrastructure means opportunities to achieve the levels of collaboration needed are often missed.

The continued reliance on legacy information technology solutions or overly complex tools such as Microsoft SharePoint can severely limit information sharing between agencies. This silo'ed approach may be the result of concerns deriving from cyber threats and the need to ensure critical infrastructure security, or concerns around the cost of implementing new information sharing systems. At Huddle we've been talking with our public sector clients in the US to better understand what it takes to achieve great collaboration.

Removing risk and increasing efficiency

If you're sharing information with other agencies by email, printed files, unencrypted USB flash drives or consumer focused file sharing apps, you probably already know that you are putting your data at risk, and you'll also have discovered they aren't always the most practical options when you're in a hurry or have large volumes of information to deal with. But opening up your firewall to allow other agencies access to your internal file stores probably won't go down very well with your IT team, not only increasing the chances of a cyberattack, but also increasing the management overhead for a team that is likely to be already stretched.

The power of collective knowledge

In his recent blog post our CEO Mark Wrighton talked about the power of the collective knowledge in Enterprise, and the same thing applies to the public sector. In fact, we've long recognized how Information sharing can unlock productivity gains through increased knowledge levels for users, and we've learned that this can be done cost effectively and without compromising the levels of security needed.

Whether you are working with other local government agencies, or participating in a national task force, we're passionate about helping you improve your information sharing processes. By embracing the right tools your information can become a vital resource, and give your team or agency a focal point for positive change, without compromising security.

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