At Advancing Quality (AQ), we are focused on improving healthcare across the NHS acute and mental health Trusts of the North West of England.

We work with a number of NHS clinicians, nurses, and administrators to provide a set of quality standards to define and measure good clinical practice. The initiative is based on measures of how and when to act in medical emergencies to ensure patients receive the best level of care.

Everything in one secure place

With Huddle, we were able to provide a central, secure environment where we can share all these program materials as well as monthly progress reports, with the 32 trusts involved in the program. We needed a content hub where we could not only share content amongst the internal AQ team but also one where we work with AQ team members at different NHS Trusts. So security was an important feature for us. With the permission controls on Huddle we can control who can access which documents and ensure everyone gets the information that’s relevant to him or her.

We regularly have face–to-face meetings that enable us to collaborate and share best practice tips. Now with the discussion function on Huddle, we can continue to do this outside of these meetings, as people share advice on relevant documents. In addition, by cutting down on administration time, we’ve been able to speed things up on the program.

Online access for inside and outside teams

Before Huddle we had to rely on email to share documents, but this became increasingly impossible as file sizes increased, clogging people’s inboxes. For the program to run smoothly, we knew we had to find a platform that all the NHS Trusts we work with could access online.

We now hope to add even more members to Huddle as we continue to develop the program across the North West of England. As Huddle is so easy to use, new members will be able to find everything they need quickly and easily so NHS Trusts can collaborate and share ideas with each other.


Lindsay Kirby, Communications Officer for the Advancing Quality program

Lindsay is focused on improving standards and patient outcomes across North West of England hospitals. She is a CIPR Accredited Practitioner with four years of previous experience working in the non-profit sector as a Communications and Fundraising Coordinator. A NCE qualified journalist with a BA (Honours) in journalism, her career started out as a reporter for The Bury Times, specializing in health.

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