Today’s accounting professionals are sitting at the epicenter of a massive technological shift. In an effort to better meet client demands, and to maintain a competitive advantage, firms are realizing the value of improved team and client collaboration and they’re looking to the cloud to achieve it.

In the ‘age of the customer’, success is defined by better client service. Across the professional services sector, an increase in client satisfaction is proven to drive improved billable utilization and year-on-year growth. Clearly, delivering a great client experience is now an imperative to success.

The following are four ways the cloud enables firms to create engaging and valued relationships that deliver measurable business value:

Agility: cloud collaboration technology can improve client outcomes by breaking-down knowledge silos within your business and helping teams connect and share expertise.

Mobility: 65% of industry professionals use a smartphone for work every week, while almost a quarter (22%) use a tablet making it necessary for organizations to provide employees and clients access to data, allowing them to work together despite location or device. 

Engagement: keeping clients engaged and informed at each stage will improve productivity and client satisfaction, something proven to increase billable utilization.

Risk reduction: eliminate concerns around shadow IT by giving employees what they want: more efficient, collaborative tools that increase productivity and satisfaction.

Today, it’s no longer enough to work faster, you must also work smarter, to effortlessly mobilize organizational knowledge and expertise to deliver exceptional quality. Doing this means changing how you work with each other, and transforming the way we work with clients. Achieve this and you are well positioned for success. 

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