Here’s a case study that proves customers are going nuts about Huddle. The Almond Board of California uses Huddle every day to help tell the world about Californian almonds and grow demand among more than 6,000 almond growers and processors in the State. This compelling study highlights how Huddle has enabled the non-profit to collaborate across geographic boundaries, approve content at the click of a button and work seamlessly as one single, globally integrated organization.

Around 80 percent of all almonds consumed around the world are Californian, making almonds California’s leading agricultural export in terms of value. To ensure that almost 100 people across a variety of global locations could work together effectively, regardless of their geographic location and time zone, an effective collaboration tool was required. File access and sharing used to be tricky: people outside the main office had real trouble logging into the system, downloading and uploading files, and editing documents, for example. Moreover, there were also issues with document version control on the old system.

The Almond Board of California’s PR agency in the UK is a committed Huddle user, and when a small team in the US trialled Huddle, they were quickly won over by its ease-of-use, effective file sharing and collaboration features such as discussions and the ability to comment on files and content.

Now Huddle is the fabric of the organization—it is used to manage every single marketing project the Almond Board of California works on, big or small, internal or external. The version control is ideal for document approval and notifications for document approval within Huddle ensure that documents are approved promptly by the correct individuals so that they can be finalized.

As the Almond Board of California’s global team is constantly growing, workers will often find themselves collaborating with colleagues across several different time zones. Scheduling calls between teams to discuss content and plans is a logistical challenge, so the ability to easily access information as and when it is required has been a real asset to the organization.

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