Whether you’re visiting clients or delayed on your daily commute, your to-do list can quickly spiral out of control when you’re away from the office. And worse still, as colleagues wait for feedback or approval on important project documentation, or for you to update the status of a critical task in the project workflow, you can quickly become a bottleneck to team productivity.

 That’s why, with our latest Android update, you can make the most of precious minutes between meetings to check and update tasks and approvals right from your Android device.



Task management made easy

Now available via a brand new tab on the same user-friendly interface, your most immediate tasks (ordered by due date) appear at the top. A simple swipe gesture allows the status of a task to be marked as in-progress or complete.








Approvals on the Move

When you’re up against a deadline, waiting for approval or feedback on a project document can be a frustrating experience leading to costly delays, only exacerbated when the person you’re waiting for is out of the office. With this in mind, you can now access the Huddle approvals workflow on your Android device, including the ability review and action document approval requests, see who else has approved the file, or check a file’s approval status.


We’ve all encountered the frustration of unnecessary delays when collaborating. With the latest version of Huddle for Android, there’s no need to let being away from the office impact your team’s productivity.

Available today, the latest update is available to all Huddle users. For questions visit our mobile apps page. To download Huddle for Android or Huddle for US Government and Healthcare, visit the Google Play store. To try Huddle for yourself, visit for a free trial.

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