While advances in technology have given us unprecedented access to information on the go, mobile users always want more. At Huddle, we want you to have more. That’s why our latest Android release makes it easier than ever to collaborate right from your Android phone, specifically when it comes to viewing and sharing files and responding to comments. This was especially important not only because it impacts so many (and a growing number) of our users, but because of Android’s increasing penetration into the enterprise.

Designed around collaboration instead of file sharing, Huddle for Android provides users with a secure way to work with teams, partners and customers right from their Android device. The latest updates make it even easier to work from anywhere, anytime. The latest features allow users to:

  • Preview files: Reliance on bulkier hardware such as laptops is reduced through the file preview feature which allow files to be previewed directly in the app, negating the need for third party apps or having to download potentially large files onto the mobile device.

  • file_preview_huddle_android.png

  • Review file details: Version control is enhanced through access to the latest information about a file, such as when was it updated and by whom.

  • Access files offline: The impact of poor connectivity is reduced, as previously accessed documents will be available to preview whilst the user is working offline.

  • Comment: Users can improve mobile productivity by reading the latest comments on a file, and providing feedback directly from the app in real time.

Imagine you have an important bid due tomorrow, but your team is distributed between offices, visiting customers and travelling between sites. Laptop batteries are running out, and connectivity is dubious at best. The final sections of the bid response are being collated, and reviews are needed.

With Huddle for Android, you don’t have to wait until you’re within range of a good WiFi signal and an outlet, you can simply open up Huddle for Android, preview files and read and make comments directly from the app, allowing you and your team to make the most of any downtime they have between meetings and while travelling.

Because you don’t have to download the original file to view it, just a lightweight preview, you can work from the road with the peace of mind that your wireless carrier won’t limit your connectivity speed or charge you for going over your data usage. If you happen to lose your connection, you can easily pull up any previously viewed file, whether you’re online or not.

When you’re on the road it’s easy to feel like you’re out of the loop. Say you’re in an airport lounge, working on a document with someone back at the office. You need to send your colleague feedback, but want to make sure you’re providing feedback on the latest version of the document. Huddle for Android allows you to check document metadata just as you would in the web app, leaving no question when the file was updated and by whom.

Huddle for Android allows you to make the most of your travel and down time, so you can be at your most effective no matter where you are.

For questions or to learn more visit our product overview page or our check out detailed release notes from versions 2.4 and 2.5.To download Huddle for Android or Huddle for Android US Government and Healthcare edition visit the Google Play store. To try Huddle for yourself, visit for a free trial.

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