With so much happening in your Huddle Workspace, we wanted to make it even easier for you to keep track of the latest tasks, approvals and team activity. That’s why we’ve completely reimagined the Huddle Workspace Overview.

So, whether it’s checking to see if a client has approved a file, tracking file requests, or monitoring tasks across a team, the new Huddle Workspace Overview now offers a single “at-a-glance” view of the most important activity happening in your Workspace, as well as enhanced branding options and the ability to pin important files.


Actions Summary

Easily understand all upcoming, in-flight and overdue Tasks, File requests and Approvals in a Workspace. Filters allow you to quickly focus in on the types of activity that are important to you, while list and calendar style views allow you to identify bottlenecks and visualize timelines.


Pinned Files & Folders

Workspace Managers can now pin important Files and Folders to the Workspace Overview. New users can be directed straight towards content that will help them get started, or that they need to review and complete. Context switching is simplified for existing users who are switching between different projects and engagements and need to jump straight into frequently used files in a given Workspace (don’t forget about our Bookmark, Enhanced Search and Recent Files features, all of which mean you can spend less time searching and more time working).



Branding options provide a great opportunity to reinforce stakeholder relationships, and to provide users easy visual cues about the engagement, further streamlining context switching and improving the overall visual aesthetic.


Workspace Activity

Greater visibility into your team’s activity – a consolidated ‘at-a-glance’ view of who’s been commenting on work, updating and adding files, and more.


Available now, our new Workspace Overview is available to users on Huddle on Plus, Premier and Government Official plans. Note: Workspace Overview can be turned on and off by Workspace Managers – chat your Huddle Admin or visit Huddle Help for more information.


For more information on using Workspace Overview, visit Huddle Help and search for ‘Workspace Overview’, get in touch with your Customer Success Manager who will be happy to assist and/or email help@huddle.com.

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