Having recently looked at intranets and whether there was much call for the standalone intranet portal in 2012 – clue, there isn’t – it is time to turn our attention to the extranet portal.

Perhaps more than any other technology, the extranet portal suffers from poor user adoption. Organizations spend man hours and budget getting their extranet to look fantastic only to see them roundly ignored and people continuing to use email to share documents. The branding of extranets is certainly important and Huddle provides a range of customization tools to turn your extranet into an extension of your brand, but making an extranet look pretty does not solve the issue of user adoption.

When they first emerged, an extranet portal was perhaps a solution looking for a problem. But in modern business we are used to collaborating with such a broad cross-section of partners, suppliers, associates and consultants from inside and outside of an organization that an extranet portal has assumed a pivotal role in the way we go about our day-to-day business.

Files have got bigger and emailing them to and fro places undue strain on the inbox. People are constantly updating and making changes to documents. Clients want transparency as to progress of projects. All this is achievable when you use your Huddle workspace as a client extranet. It is a secure online environment where information can be shared externally with whoever needs to see it. It also saves time and money on not having to print documents or spend hours sifting through emails looking for the latest version of a file.

But most importantly, Huddle has the usability factor. Transforming your Huddle workspaces into  feature-rich extranets solves these problems. What sets Huddle apart is the fact that people actually use it.

The Huddle customer success team is always at hand from the very moment you begin a trial and we will also help you plan how to use Huddle in your business.  We are so confident that people will use the Huddle extranet that we offer the Huddle Adoption Guarantee, whereby we guarantee that within 90 days 100% of your initial user groups will be trained and using Huddle actively – or we will refund a full three months subscription value.

Usability is the most important aspect to an extranet portal – how many people are using yours?


See how Rufus Leonard use Huddle as an extranet with document management here.

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